New Year: what 7 nightmares can “wait”pregnant during the holidays

You are pregnant? It’s great! You, as in childhood, are waiting for a fabulous
New Year? Wonderful! And you know what “troubles” can
to threaten the future mother in the New Year holidays, except for crowds
in malls or weather surprises? Do not guess? Then
This article is for you!

You think it will be about the crush in the shops, where everyone is looking for
New Year and Christmas gifts, or a crowded city
transport, where they can not always give way? Not! Let’s talk about
supercaring close people. They after all armed with knowledge
the Internet, where we read about what is useful and harmful future
moms and try to be helpful. They probably know more
you, especially when it comes to firstborn. And with a large share
probabilities you come across any situation described from
list below.

беременность и новый год

1. You will not be released absolutely NO-KU-YES!

Gathered to see the festive fireworks? No, no, and again –
not! First, the crowd, where they can push in the stomach, and even a virus
colds can “reward”. Secondly, on the street is slippery. What if
slip and fall? And this is the danger of premature

In a cafe to chat with girlfriends? This is also superfluous, better.
wait, you can meet after the New Year holidays, because
Now the flu epidemic is just beginning. For gifts to the store –
God forbid. Pushed, offended, nachikhayut bacilli. It is for you
Mask, here’s your herbal tea. However, you can go to the balcony –
about five minutes. Although, you know, one woman once fell

2. For future moms special festive dishes!

Recipes for pregnant women are full of Internet pages. AND
Although you are for a healthy diet, but everything is good in moderation. what
proposed for the New Year’s feast for future mothers? Goose,
baked in the oven? Stop! It is harmful! Better – chicken breast on
Broccoli Steamed & Mousse Salad “Olivier”? You are welcome! As without
him But … instead of sausage – favorite chicken breast, instead of mayonnaise
– homemade yogurt. AND никаких соленых огурцов! ANDх заменит все та же
broccoli! So come to the dessert. Cakes and pastries – under
ban! Better – a useful baked apple, you can with a curd.

3. Alcohol? Да… Not!

No doubt, the opinions of relatives will be divided. Some will say that
half a glass of champagne will not do any harm, New Year
yet. Yes, and French scientists have proved … But others will, without
doubt against, arguing that even a sip of champagne
unsafe for the future of the crumbs. Do you think so too? But for some reason
Your opinion no one is interested, because in future moms so
quickly changing mood.


4. For pregnant women – themed gifts!

What do you want? Decorations? Cosmetics set or favorite
best-seller? What do you mean! You are now first and foremost necessary
warm pajamas and a comfortable pillow for pregnant women, and very soon
useful advice pediatrician Komarovsky and cream for stretch marks. Yes and
Blender does not hurt: it is convenient to cook baby puree. But
еще витаминный комплекс против выпадения волос и удобное белье
for pregnant.

No, we are not laughing, these are all real recommendations on

5. Every second toast – for the completion of the family in the coming

Every second toast is supposed to be for the long-awaited
an event, because all relatives must wish you and the future crumbs
health and happy moments, and well-being in the family, and patience,
and wisdom. Maybe even the name will help choose the future baby.
Not bad in honor of the grandfather or grandmother called.


6. The main thing for a pregnant woman is to observe the regime.

ANDменно поэтому сразу после боя курантов — спать, ведь будущей
Mom needs more rest and sleep, observe the daily regimen and
power supply. And you did not think about it? Therefore it is better not to argue and
go to bed. AND при этом совершенно не важно, что вы не
you can fall asleep, because on the street is noisy, greetings and explosions are heard
firecrackers, salutes.

7. The holiday lasts a long time … Get ready for visits!

Everything will be like in the fairy tale “In the country of eternal vacation.” There is a main
the hero finally howled. what-то подобное может случиться и с
вами, ведь все родные, знакомые и близкие решат, что вам,
pregnant, bored and sad. So go in droves – with warm
toes, boiled chicken breast and toast.

Wait for the guests! Holiday greetings!

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