New type of diabetes does not recognize on time!

Update: February 2019

About the existence of type 3 diabetes, scientists have already thought
long ago, but in a separate category it was allocated only in 2011.

  • during these 7 years, the doctors never learned how to diagnose it,
  • in 87% of cases establishing a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus 2
  • in 7% – type 1 diabetes.

And this leads to a deterioration in the quality of human life, leading to
faster loss of function of its internal organs. Although all of this –
with timely diagnosis, it would be pretty easy
to warn.

What is type 3 diabetes

So called diabetes, which develops with lesions
pancreas (synonym – pancreatic sugar

  • The most common cause of type 3 diabetes is chronic.
  • Other causes: acute pancreatitis, pancreatic surgery
    gland (including those necessary to remove its tumors),
    hereditary disease hemochromatosis.

Type 3 diabetes develops mainly in 40-50 years. More often
men suffer. The first signs of this condition develop, in
on average, 5 years after the defeat of the pancreas. But,
since in most cases people do not go to a doctor for
about pain in the upper abdomen and relaxation of the chair, then the point
countdown is lost.

At the heart of type 3 diabetes is the death of cells that produce
insulin, as a result of eating disorders.

Features of type 3 diabetes

Diabetes mellitus type 3 is characterized by the fact that:

  1. the person does not feel his elevated sugar, up to the numbers 12
    mmol / l;
  2. adjusting blood sugar is difficult;
  3. there is a tendency to hypoglycemic conditions (when the level of
    glucose drops);
  4. a person often begins to suffer from colds;
  5. he often has various skin rashes.

With diabetes mellitus type 3 rarely develop such acute
complications like ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar state which
can develop into a coma. It rarely affects the retina and kidneys.
The remaining organs, especially the nervous system, also suffer frequently,
as with type 1 diabetes.

As a result of the fact that those pancreatic cells died,
which produced enzymes – the metabolism of vitamins is disturbed and

  • hypovitaminosis A, E;
  • poor absorption of copper, magnesium and zinc,

which also affects the body as a whole.

Type 3 diabetes is more severe and has more
complications if it occurred on the background of chronic alcoholic


To suspect diabetes mellitus is necessary already when the fasting
(in the morning or after a break in eating) a person feels strong
desire to eat, he has trembling all over his body, weakness,
tingling of limbs, anxiety. This condition can last.
even for several days in a row, relieving food for 2-3 hours.
It looks like the early stage of diabetes – when the pancreas
iron produces a lot of insulin. These signs require an exception
insulinomas – a tumor that produces insulin in large

When insulin production decreases, symptoms develop,
characteristic of diabetes mellitus: thirst, increased urination,
fungal infections.

How is the diagnosis made?

There are no specific analyzes. Although it is suspected that the cells
pancreatic die due to an attack of antibodies, no particular antibodies
not detected in the blood.

The diagnosis can be made on the basis of logical reflections.

  • the patient suffered from chronic pancreatitis;
  • he is not obese;
  • не чувствует повышение сахара – вплоть до 11,5 mmol / l;
  • on ultrasound, a pancreatic lesion is noted precisely in the area of ​​her
    heads (especially should suggest the presence of
  • lack of obvious debut of diabetes – with the development of ketoacidosis,
    sudden onset of thirst / frequent urination.

Confirms the diagnosis that if such a patient has sugar
diabetes treatment add pancreatic enzymes
(optimally – “Kreon”), the condition improves, and sugar becomes
easier to control.

Features of treatment

It consists in the following:

  1. Диета – не низкоуглеводная. Daily man
    must consume 2000-2500 kcal, of which carbohydrates – up to 60%, fat
    – 20-30%, proteins – 20%.
  2. Pancreatic enzymes are essential. They will help food
    soak up.
  3. To reduce sugar – “Maninil” or other drugs.
    sulfonylurea. If there is an insulin deficiency, then insulin – but
    up to 30 IU per day.
  4. Required vitamins A, E and trace elements (magnesium, zinc,
  5. When abdominal pain – drugs such as “Omeprazole” / “Rabeprazole” and
    antispasmodics (“Buskopan”, “Mebeverin”).
  6. Complete rejection of alcohol.

In diabetes mellitus type 3 surgery can help –
transplantation of own islets of Langerhans with
pancreatotomy or pancreatic resection. It is performed
only in specialized centers.

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