New Symptoms of Coronavirus Revealed

Coronavirus has been detected in people over 200,000 today. Mortality from COVID-19 virus is growing, as is the number of people who have recovered from coronavirus. Mass infection testing in countries 2019-ncov in humans and measures are being taken to ensure timely prevent the spread of a pandemic.
Coronavirus infection is known to change rapidly and develops disguised in the human body. It depends on this 14-day incubation period after which appear most pronounced symptoms of coronavirus. Formerly World Health Organization published the first symptoms coronavirus infection, later Singapore doctors reported new symptoms of COVID-19 virus resembling dengue fever.


New Symptoms of Coronavirus Named

Information on new symptoms of coronavirus infection unveiled German virologist Hendrick Strick. The doctor interviewed more than a thousand mild coronavirus most accurate symptoms. Infectious 2019-ncov, reported a weakening of the sense of smell and taste until their full losses for several days. In addition, 30% of respondents suffered diarrhea, which is rarely manifested in others and therefore not was a clear symptom of coronavirus.

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