New research: even 2 minutes of physicalactivities are good for health

Update: February 2019

Physical activity, even if it’s only 2 minutes, brings
benefit to the body. This is stated in the new version of the manual.
on US physical activity (previously minimum recommendations
were at least 10 minutes of sports per day). It turned out that any
активность полезна для здоровья, о чем было  доложено на
annual conference of the American Heart Association in

Even 2 minutes of sports per day help:

  • make the mind sharper;
  • reduce anxiety;
  • reduce blood pressure;
  • improve sleep;
  • use sugar more efficiently and turn it into

Regular sport improves brain condition, reduces
the risk of 8 forms of cancer and the probability of gaining extra kilos. Sport improves
the course of chronic diseases, including hypertension, osteoarthritis,
type 2 diabetes and depression. People with scattered
sclerosis, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, disease
Parkinson’s and dementia improved function of the brain.
the brain.

Dr. Eileen Handberg, Professor at the Medical College
University of Florida, says this is the most accessible
a way to keep healthy, but most people don’t use

Specialist tips are as follows:

  • recommended amount of physical activity for adults: from
    150 to 300 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week or 75-150
    minutes of intense sports, including, 2 times a week – power
  • children under 5 need at least 3 hours of physical
    activities per day, and children 6–17 years old – 1 hour of loads per day, from
    moderate to intense;
  • pregnant women and young mothers need 150 minutes
    moderate intensity exercises during the week;
  • older people to aerobic and power loads should be added
    balance exercises.

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