New remedy for constipation – vibratingcapsule

Update: February 2019

In developed countries, up to 50% of the population of middle and old age
suffer from chronic constipation. Difficulties with daily bowel movement
significantly reduce the quality of human life.

The use of various drugs (candles for constipation) or
popular methods (see treatment of constipation at home) do not
leads to lasting effect, besides most drugs
cannot be used for a long time due to side effects
(see all laxatives for constipation).

Israeli scientists have invented an electronic capsule, which
the patient needs a drink. Its action begins after 6-8 hours.
after taking, it vibrates in the intestines, stimulating
peristalsis, then bowel movement occurs naturally
in a way. Эта capsule снабжена микромоторчиком, автоматически
included 6 hours after entering the gastrointestinal
tract, the size of the new invention is slightly more than 1.5 cm and weighs no more
10 gr.


Батарейка в капсуле рассчитана на 2 часа, за это время capsule
leaves the body along with feces. For research
the effectiveness of such a capsule was made a study on 26
volunteers with chronic constipation.

Новое средство от запора - вибрирующая capsule

For the correctness and purity of the experiment, first examinees 2
weeks did not take laxatives and did not produce mechanical
cleaning the intestines with enemas (see how to properly do an enema with
constipation). Then for the next 14 days they took capsules 2
times a week and recorded in a diary their well-being. Have
For most, this caused daily bowel movements and stools.
was softer.

According to a survey of subjects, in comparison with the usual
laxatives, use of vibrocapsules increased the frequency
emptying from 2 to 4-5 times a week, besides the use of a capsule
had a minimal amount of side effects, patients noted
full release of the intestinal tract, naturalness and softness

This remedy for constipation, this method of imitation of natural
body physiology can help constipated people
avoid side effects of laxatives like
water and electrolyte imbalance, bloating – flatulence
(symptoms, treatment). The next stage of experimentation will be scientists
conducting a massive double-blind study for
confirming the results of this pilot test

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