New method of breast examination ononcology

Update: February 2019

Standard mammography today may not always
identify breast cancer in its early stages and has already appeared more
perfect method that detects 40% more cancer cases
breast than the usual mammography.

Innovative method for diagnosing breast tumors
– This is a digital tomosynthesis, which allows to obtain a volumetric
image of the gland and detecting pathological changes even in
dense tissues (see also symptoms and treatment of breast cancer and
breast cancer self-diagnosis).


The exact name of the procedure Digital breast tomosynthesis – DBT –
digital breast tomosynthesis. This results in a series of x-ray
shots at different angles to the mammary glands. Then produced
computer processing of mammograms using a special program,
which produces a three-dimensional image of the gland. An important distinction of this
The method from the standard procedure is:

  • low pressure on the fabric, so the procedure is more comfortable and
  • lower radiation dose is used

Study of the effectiveness of digital tomosynthesis in comparison
mammography was performed on 7,500 patients. Results of these
studies were processed by experienced radiologists (experience of more than 20
years) by the blind method.

It was found that tomosynthesis found 40% more
oncopathology than mammography. And 21 cases were found
only by using the new method, and 1 case only by

However, DBT has a negative side – this is an excess
the number of false-positive diagnoses in comparison with mammography.
A large randomized trial is already planned soon.
research, and if the results are satisfactory, broad
the spread of the innovation method will be in the next 5-10
years old.

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