New method for determining cancer in 10 minutessaliva

Update: February 2019

Completely unique test for early oncology diagnosis
diseases developed by researchers from california

The accuracy of the rapid test is 100%, the waiting time
10 minutes, only a drop of saliva is required for analysis.
the patient. This rapid test diagnoses even the early stages of cancer.
and is suitable for self-diagnosis.


Oncologists have several methods in their arsenal.
imaging cancer tumors, and MRI, and CT, and ultrasound, endoscopy (not
100% ways), because the only reliable confirmation
malignancy of the tumor can be obtained only with a biopsy
(see oncology tests).

All these procedures require indications, a visit to the doctor,
some of them are quite harmful (CT, radiography) or
invasive. New rapid test of American scientists completely
safe and can be performed at home. �”Liquid
биопсия», так его называют, он основан на выявлении в saliva
patient fragments of tumor DNA. Just use the dough, he
has 100% diagnostic accuracy, non-invasive, absolutely
is safe.

Experts are to conduct a series of clinical trials
It is planned to conduct it on patients with lung cancer. Required
will find out not only the absence or presence
false positive / false negative results, but also frequency
cancer detection. Experts hope that this test will be successful.
used in clinical practice for diagnosis
cancer in the early stages.

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