New Coronavirus Symptoms Discovered

Covid-19 pandemic has already reached most of the Earth’s population ball. Coronavirus-infected people in the World, there are about 2 million and every day the number of cases увеличивается.New signs of coronavirusВthe human body the virus penetrates by airborne droplets and begins to manifest itself about 14 days after infection. Symptoms are very similar to acute respiratory viral infections, so at an early stage it is difficult to determine. The first symptoms are fever, dry cough and fatigue. Also emit: difficulty in the respiratory organs, the appearance conjunctivitis and headache. Thanks to attentiveness sick people and the fact that they share useful information in social networks, doctors managed to identify new manifestations Covid-19, after ingestion.

New Symptoms of Coronavirus

A new side effect of the disease is described by patients as a kind of “hissing” all over the body. In other cases, the infected people lose sense of smell and taste, feel pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, strokes and cramps, and in some, the disease is asymptomatic. a patient from Sweden felt an “electric sensation on the skin” from the very first day of the disease and shared information in Twitter: WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not indicate skin sensations as a symptom, although in in some cases, a skin rash has been noted in Italy. dermatologists from France have reported skin symptoms including pseudo-frostbite, urticaria and persistent redness.

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