New clothes without pre-wash carriesRisk to health: allergies, lice, scabies and riskoncology

Update: February 2019

Doctors recommend: after buying a new clothes not wearing her
follows until it is subjected 2 times to a full wash cycle.
Thus, you protect yourself from certain diseases and
allergic reactions.

Dermatologists at Columbia University Medical Center
came to the conclusion that beautiful, fashionable and bright outfits that
people buy in malls, online stores, and other
outlets – pose a serious threat to health.


This is because in the production process for processing
various chemicals are used in the fabric and its staining, and
storage in warehouses and shops in the folds of fabric is not rare
lice and ticks that get there from persons previously
tried on these things, but did not buy them.

New Zealand scientists conducted a study that revealed
that in China’s products (namely clothing), the level of harmful chemicals
substances exceeds the norm 900 times. Urticaria, contact
dermatitis can cause azo dyes and aniline dyes.

And the most dangerous substance is formaldehyde, which
used to preserve the presentation of goods during storage and their
transportation. It is known that formaldehyde causes heavy
аллергические реакции и повышает риски развития oncology.

It is clear that you can not do without new things! But to reduce
risks of pediculosis, scabies, allergic manifestations and not increase
the risk of malignant tumors is recommended after
shopping 2 times wash thing + extra rinse out
depending on the type of fabric.

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