New breast cancer risk factor found

Update: February 2019

The American Cancer Research Association has made another
public statement on its website: postmenopause characterized
increased risk of breast cancer due to the deposition of excess fat even
with normal values ​​of BMI (body mass index).

This index is a universal and worldwide method.
quickly determine the presence of excess in the body mass of the person. However he
can not take into account the mass that goes to the muscles and bone
structures. Therefore, it is impossible to fully establish the effect
excess fat tissue on public health with a normal BMI.


That is why Americans have applied technology
dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DRA). She is
allows you to make a correction for the weight of bones and muscle tissue. For
Experimental scientists have selected the results of the previous
Studies where 3460 women 50-80 performed the control group
years in the postmenopausal period without cancer pathology.
It is known that women were monitored for
as many as 16 years. It turned out that during this period 182 representatives
the fair sex has developed breast cancer, and in 146 –
estrogen positive reaction.

When analyzing the relationship between body weight and cancer
pathology was found:

  • that a normal BMI in combination with an excess of adipose tissue by 50%
    increases breast cancer risk
  • with an increase in fat mass for every 5 kilograms the risk increases
    by 35%.

What is interesting is that women who are overweight are not
do enough physical activity. But the daily
small workouts are also needed by those whose BMI is within
normal values. Also, experts drew the attention of doctors to
that the mass index is not an ideal indicator, which is not worth it
forget when managing patients.

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