Never Laugh at Son: 9 Rulesraising a boy

Trust and understanding is the best thing a parent
can achieve in raising a son. You just need to follow simple
truths that help grow a real man. Everything is in the process
depends on the position of the adult.


1. Любая насмешка – травма: НANDКОГДBUT не смейтесь над
the son

For a male (even if his representative is still very small)
the mockery of a woman is always trauma, and the mockery of a mother is the most
deep ones. No matter what you laugh at:

  • over the fact that he did not reach the pot,
  • over the fact that drew a curve cat,
  • that clumsily confessed to the love of the neighbor girl.

Your mockery will reflect on his psyche and will be remembered if not on
all my life, then for many years! And hardly ever she will
forgiven …

2. Answers to questions – the best communication

Be sure to answer all questions of the son, at whatever age and
whatever he asked! Do not refuse him phrases:

  • �”You are still small”
  • �”Because gladiolus”,
  • �”Grow up – then you will know.”

Even if you do not know the answer to the question, admit it. BUT
then find out – and tell. If the topic caused you embarrassment or
shame is your complex. No need to embed it in your psyche
son Even if the child’s question baffled you, just
take time out to collect your thoughts. Kids usually
easy to give a reprieve, but always waiting for an answer to your interests

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3. Child’s advice is a possible solution to your
of problems

Зачастую самую серьезную «взрослую» of problemsу ваш ребенок может
solve “on time”. Have you fought over it for years? BUT ему будет
two or three minutes is enough. Ask your son for some advice.
different topics:

  • What color to decorate the rooms in your future apartment?
  • Why do you always quarrel with your girlfriend?
  • What are you doing wrong in any situation?

So the future man learns to analyze situations and take
decisions, and you show confidence in him and respect.

4. “I told you so” – in the trash

Even if you really warned, but he did not listen – not
need him to talk about it. Never. Any “I told you so” –
This is an attempt to compete with the child, where you rejoice your
victory. Do not even let the thought of such a competition. Even if you
were right, rejoice in silence. BUT он и сам все поймет, без ваших

5. Praise is good!


Be sure to praise the child, admire him without any “but” and
amendments. Your son is doing everything cool and cool! He is a great clever.
BUT когда он подрастет, то сам увидит, что требовало исправлений.

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6. Every dream of a child is a great value.

�“I want to be a fireman” – great! Buy toys, books and
coloring in the subject. BUT через 2 месяца «хочу быть художником» — и это
too cool! Buy again, and again on the topic. BUT еще через полгода –
by an engineer. And so on. This is normal, he will really decide
only years to 18-20.

7. Crying – little trouble the baby


If your child is crying, he has trouble. Yes, insignificant in
your understanding (think, in the garden they gave a terrible milk porridge
instead of casserole), but just gigantic for him! He has everything now
The troubles are gigantic, because the world of your son is still very small,
so that some porridge is lost in its true scale. BUT во время
troubles need to be reassured! No matter how old your son is. It’s yours
direct duty – calm him down! Immutable law for your
common understanding. You can not ignore the inconsolable crying

8. Notations – worst parent

Never read the notations to the child. Neither a year nor forty years. AND
this is no comment.

9. Son and parent are always on the same side.

You should always be on your son’s side, not just in words, but on
business Not worth it

  • agree to the teacher who complains about him,
  • scold him “for company” with a coach.

With outsiders, he is always right. With no exceptions!

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AND вот с таким подходом к воспитанию сына он не побоится спросить
you about the first kiss or oral caresses. Because it will be sure
that you will not shame him or shout about the abomination of the question.
Потому что сможет вам доверять. Is this the dream?
any mother ?! It is very real. You just need to want it
to reach.

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guaranteed to cooperate with the child

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