Neurasthenia: symptoms, treatment

Update: October 2018

Neurasthenia is much more common than making this diagnosis.
Very often, this disease is masked by other somatic diseases.
illness, depression, or even its symptoms blamed on the bad
character Much has been written about neurasthenia, its symptoms and treatment.
books, but still few people remember about it when communicating with
by the patient.

Neurasthenia (also called asthenic neurosis) is
disease of the nervous system, due to its exhaustion with constant
excessive physical and mental stress. Most commonly exposed
this disease patients aged from 20 to 40 years, men
get sick more often than women. Also at risk are those who
not sleeping enough, who has hard physical work, rare rest,
frequent conflicts, difficult personal situations and family tragedies.

What factors can trigger asthenic neurosis?

Neurasthenia: symptoms, treatmentThe causes of neurasthenia
most often are:

  • Routine sedentary work
  • Chronic lack of sleep
  • Frequent conflict situations
  • Somatic diseases
  • Long hard work without further rest

Clinical manifestations of neurasthenia

All the symptoms of neurasthenia are easily masked as different.
diseases of the internal organs or under the “particular nature”.

  • One of the main symptoms is irritability.

It manifests itself everywhere and always, even with the most insignificant
occasions. A person can be annoyed by people close and dear to him, all
associates, colleagues, clients at work, fellow travelers in transport or
even your own habits. Irritability is accompanied by
hot temper and incontinence. If the patient is annoyed,
That reaction will not take long. Patient with neurasthenia instantly
�”Flashes” like a match. He loses the ability to control
his words and is not able to adequately perceive criticism in these
moments. After such “flashes” a feeling rolls over the patient.
fatigue and fatigue. It is so pronounced that man
it seems that the usual movement of the arms or legs was for him

  • Very frequent headaches.

They are squeezing, there is a feeling that the head
filled with cotton, they are provoked by the slightest physical
loads, so their frequency is very high.

  • Concentration disturbance

Difficulty in concentrating; a person cannot
focus even on simple tasks, while trying to do it,
he gets distracted and starts walking around the rooms or doing other things
business, for example, communication in a social network.

  • Sleep disturbance

Sleep disturbance appears or worsens. Difficult for a patient
fall asleep, a huge amount of thoughts is spinning in his head that
annoys him. If a person finally falls asleep, then his character
sleep is very superficial, it is easily awakened, it can
chase nightmares. Morning patient with neurasthenia
wakes up tired, overwhelmed.

  • Also characterized by increased sensitivity, even dull color.
    It seems bright, and quiet sounds – loud.
  • Such people increase anxiety, phobias appear.
  • In men, libido decreases, in severe cases
  • People with asthenic neurosis have lower self-esteem,
    they consider themselves to be insignificant personalities, losers.

Another feature is that they constantly find
symptoms of various diseases, from minor ones to fatal ones,
therefore, they are very frequent guests in the clinic. Not
surprisingly, such people can often become aggravated
chronic diseases – herpes, allergic reactions,
tremor, visual disturbances, pains in joints and spine.

Stages of neurasthenia

  • The first stage (form) – hypersthenic neurasthenia

It is manifested by restlessness, irritability,
excitability, fussiness. It’s hard for a person to control himself
he even realizing the fallacy of his behavior cannot
to resist, he often breaks down, screams, easily loses
composure. The reason for the cry can be even a little noise
a large number of people, the rapid movement of the crowd. To such people
it is difficult to concentrate on work, which only increases
irritation. If the patient tries to control his emotions
work or in public places, then at home he will spill them all on
loved ones. In the evening it is difficult for him to fall asleep. Appear head
pains, often they are shingles – “neurasthenic

  • The second stage (form) – irritated weakness

Irritability increases, a person breaks down more and more often.
The ability to concentrate is almost lost. Anxiety appears,
memory deteriorates and phobias get worse. Also appears low
self-esteem, a person believes that life is wasted and he
worthless and no one needs. The dream worsens, it becomes
superficial with frequent awakenings. Joy brings nothing.
Headaches continue, their frequency increases. They can
accompanied by shortness of breath, feeling short of breath or unpleasant
sensations in the heart. Somatic manifestations appear –
digestive disorders, heartburn, constipation, feeling of a sinking heart.
Control over the external manifestations of emotions is lost.

  • The third stage (form) – hypostenic neurasthenia

Fussiness and aimless activity decreases in a patient
there is no desire to do anything. All around continue
вызывать irritation. There is a fear of death, despondency. Sleep is not
brings relief and a sense of relaxation. The patient finds everything
more imaginary diseases. Dominance begins apathy, lethargy and
depression. Weeping and emotional

Treatment of the disease

A very important aspect in the treatment of neurasthenia at home
or in a hospital is the establishment of a regime. Notобходимо
clear mode of day and night, sleep and awakening should be in one
and the same time. Also, be sure to eliminate the factor that
was provoking in the development of neurasthenia. It is useful to take
vitamins, walk in the open air, change habitual
the setting.

Psychotherapy and various trainings occupy a key place in
treatment of the disease. With hypersthenic form of neurasthenia
apply tranquilizers, sleeping pills. When hyposthenic form –
preparations with a tonic effect, strong tea, eleutherococcus.

Physiotherapy has a beneficial effect.
for example, electric, reflexology, aromatherapy, massage.

Sometimes can improve the course of treatment of neurasthenia folk
means. May apply a decoction of viburnum bark, infusion of leaves
wild strawberry. Sometimes help infusion of blackberry leaves or
herbs oregano. You can use beet juice (settled for 3 hours in
refrigerator), mixed with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. He possesses
soothing effect. Take it for a quarter glass a few
once a day.

Notврастения у детей

The reason for the appearance of neurasthenia in children are parents. how
As a rule, such parents are very ambitious and impose on the child
excessive demands. Such children are often overwhelmed by large
the number of classes in various circles and sections, if
parents are unhappy, they tell the child that he does not reach
the right level, that he is worse than others, then the neurasthenia child
provided. With neurasthenia, the symptoms in children are quite similar to
symptoms in adults.

Автор: Ревус Олеся Григорьевна врач-невролог

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