Nestogen milk formulas (Nestogen)

Nestogen baby food is produced in Switzerland by concern
Nestle. Dairy mixes of this brand are created for artificial
feeding children from birth to two years. In our market food
established itself as a quality and affordable alternative
expensive mixtures of the NAS or Nutrilon. Main nutritional properties
is to establish the digestive system, ensuring
good sleep for your baby, no contraindications for children with
various deviations. Consider the types of food Nestogen,
features of each mixture, composition and indications.


Nestogen Mixture Classification

By type, they produce Nestogen milk formulas for various
age groups of children. Differences between compositions are characterized by
individual proportions of key components: proteins,
trace elements, taurine, casein, prebiotics, vitamins and fatty

  1. Nestogen 1 is a composition for newborns. It is used from
    birth to 6 months. High content in the composition
    taurine, iodine, iron, zinc, phosphorus. The composition contributes to the soft
    addictive baby feeding, regulates stool and
    helps the newborn develop the immune system. Also noted
    positive impact on the nervous system of the baby and the development
    mental abilities.
  2. Nestogen 2 is designed for babies from 6 months to 12. In
    composition includes ground cereals (rice). But there are also recipes without
    additives. Food with rice is most applicable for evening or
    night feeding because with its help the baby is essentially
    calms down, saturates the body for many hours.
  3. Nestogen 3 is used for babies from one year to one and a half. it
    recipe with a high content of prebiotics, vitamins,
    микроэлементов, пищевых волокон, растительных жирных acids.
    Nutrition regulates stool, appetite, the child’s natural activity.
    The mixture is quite nutritious. Kids after some
    the reception period ceases to wake up at night, becomes calmer,
    unreasonable whims are gone.
  4. Nestogen 4 создана для старшей группы от полутора до двух
    years old.

The composition of the mixtures

  • The first composition for newborns contains acids (linoleic,
    pantothenic, folic, vegetable fats), lactose (52.1 g per liter
    solution), whey proteins (14%), prebiotics (4 g), maltose
    (22.5 g), microelements, vitamins of all groups;
  • The second recipe with prebiotics contains the same set of ingredients.
    with carbohydrates (17 g per liter), increase in lactose, whey,
    vitamins and minerals. The composition is designed for increased consumption
    listed substances, and therefore performed more satisfying;
  • The second group of rice flour increases the level of saturation
    baby after feeding. It contains prebiotics, carbohydrates,
    proteins, lactose, fatty acids, vitamins;
  • The third recipe contains the same set of substances with an increase in their
    quantities per liter of solution;
  • In the fourth recipe, the number of prebiotics is increased (4.2
    grams of galactooligosaccharides and fructooligosaccharides) are enhanced
    trace elements and vitamins of all groups.

Nestogen products are loved by moms for reason
low cost and high quality. Food packages are available by
350 and 700 grams. At the same time the cost of a big pack is from 400
rubles, and for small – from 200 rubles.


You can buy the mixture in the online store or

Product advantages and disadvantages

For questions about the advantages and disadvantages of brand power
There are many eloquent reviews. However, the analysis shows
that the products are well suited to children without obvious developmental disabilities.
For complex diseases, doctors prescribe special treatment.

Reviews moms from the forums:

sansei: у меня в 3 месяца пропало
Milk and we tried 3 mixtures of NAS, NUTRILON AND UNSTABLE, on nan
We were sprinkled with allergies, from nutrilon kakahi green with mucus, and
gets divorced very badly, the nipple is always clogged … started to eat
нестожен и обалдели :) , доча его кушает с удовольствием и стул наш
normalized by prebiotics.

annaeva: Моего сыночка в 2 месяца
began to torment constipation. I have it “semi-artiste”, and we “sat”
on another mix. Do you know for mom is such a flour to see that
the child eats, and does not poop for 2-3 days. Tummy tummy not
I helped. I revised my diet, but the pediatrician convinced me
Change the mixture to Nestle Nestogen from birth. On the box
so it is written: regular chair! What was my joy
when my baby started on his own and daily crap!
First, din once a day, and then gradually and 2-3 times. So us
This mixture really helped!

Тарья: Я старшую дочь выкормила
Unmarried There was nothing on allergies or constipation. Us
I liked it, until the year she ate it.

МалЮля: и мы после Нутрилон
maternity hospital began to feed her, still we eat at the child already everything
shakes when she sees this mixture! But the NAS fermented milk 2 we
rejected, barely barely eats at night instead of kefirchik
Do not mix the normal ratio

Benefits of Nestogen Power:

  • can be applied from the moment of birth;
  • sold in any pharmacy, supermarket or internet
    a store;
  • affordable cost;
  • improves the digestive tract and the immune system of the baby;
  • the baby is fast asleep;
  • no special medical requirements are required
  • the recipe contains everything necessary for growth and development
  • high-quality product of the European level;
  • products are certified in Switzerland.

Product Disadvantages:

  • in babies with a tendency to allergies may occur
    unexpected response;
  • lack of special therapeutic mixtures for underdeveloped and
    sick children;
  • отсутствие рецептуры для малышей старше двух years old.

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