Nemozol with giardiasis – effective, strongmeans

Update: November 2018

Giardiasis treatment

When choosing a drug for the treatment of any disease, and giardiasis
в том числе,  врачи руководствуются следующими правилами:

  • Лекарственное means должно быть максимально безопасным
  • Have a minimal amount of side effects.
  • Should be well tolerated
  • Have a high anti-lamblious effect

For the treatment of giardiasis, there are three groups of specific
drugs that are used only under the schemes prescribed
by the attending physician:


  • The most popular drug among them is Metronidazole (Trichopol), its
    prescribed for giardiasis and associated gastrointestinal diseases associated
    with Helicobacter pylori.
  • Tinidazole
  • Albendazole – Nemozol with giardiasis is used when, in addition to
    giardiasis in children or adults found and other
  • Ornidazole (Tiberal), this drug is used in the treatment of
    giardiasis with pronounced manifestations of atopic dermatitis.

Группа производных нитрофуранов (фуразолидон, нифурател),
These drugs are effective for giardiasis with concomitant

The means containing acridine (Mepakrin, Kvinarkin), these
medicines cannot be used for children because of the very high

You should also be aware that if you are lymphobia, asymptomatic
during this invasion, conducting medical treatment is not
appropriately, in this case, it is considered sufficiently effective
treatment with herbal remedies, diet food, carrying out tubages.


In chronic persistent giardiasis spend at least two courses.
therapy with various drugs, while prescribing
immunostimulating drugs and various probiotic and
prebiotic agents.

The use of Nemozol from Giardia

Release form: Nemozol is made in the form of suspension,
chewable tablets and coated tablets.

Pharmacological action: Nemozol has a wide range
антигельминтного действия, это единственное лекарственное means,
capable of destroying not only adult parasites, but also eggs,
and helminth larvae. To date, Nemozol with giardiasis
is the most promising drug. In numerous
research has proven its high efficiency, it is 40 times more
эффективен Метронидазола и Tinidazoleа, чаще всего его используют
when lamblia strains are resistant to metronidazole.

Indications for use: Mixed worm infestations – ascariasis,
enterobiasis, necatorosis, ankilostomidozy, trichocephalosis. Giardiasis
toxocarosis, strongyloidosis, echinococcosis of the lungs, liver.

Contraindications: Nemozol can not be used during pregnancy, with
diseases of the retina, with individual intolerance
components of the drug. Be wary appoint persons with
impaired liver function, and women during lactation.

Dosage: The medication is taken only with meals, should
at the same time to conduct therapy to all family members. Nemozol at
лямблиозе у детей  назначается в виде суспензии из расчета 10
or 1five mg. on 1 kg. child’s weight once a day for five-7
days With giardiasis in adults and older children 1 tab. 400 mg. five

Adverse Reactions: Appearance is possible with Nemazol treatment.
disorders of the liver, acute renal failure, the appearance
nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. As well as dizziness, pain in
head, skin itch, rash, allergic manifestations. Sometimes
body temperature and blood pressure rises.

Средняя цена: суспензия и таблетки 9five-130 руб.

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