Negative effects of IVF – artificialfertilization increases the risk of pulmonarythromboembolism

Update: February 2019

The percentage of women who cannot
get pregnant in a natural way. Female infertility and barren
Marriages are not uncommon in modern society.   By
statistics in developed countries 10 percent of pairs

But modern medicine offers a unique way out – IVF
in vitro fertilization as one of the solutions
female infertility problems. Already millions of kids are born with
this method and every year the number of operations increases.

But, any intervention in the natural processes in the body,
has its negative effects, IVF in this is not
the exception.

The Swiss scientists of the Karolinska Institute, studying the negative
последствия ЭКО, провели исследование,  в котором участвовало
117 thousand women who naturally conceive and 24 thousand who survived IVF.
The average age of the women studied was 32 years, and
наблюдение проводилось 18 лет с  1990 по 2008 год. Conclusion
experts – artificial insemination increases the risk
образования легочной thromboembolism.


Experts note that women who become pregnant with IVF,
иногда повышается риск развития Byследствия ЭКОвенозной thromboembolism и даже закупорки
pulmonary arteries (pulmonary thromboembolism).

This consequence of IVF occurs only in the first trimester of pregnancy.
This risk is exposed and the woman became pregnant
in a way.

But as the researchers found out, after IVF the risk of blood clots
increases by 77 percent, and pulmonary embolism was detected in 3
10 thousand pregnancies.

With a natural pregnancy, this figure was 0.4 cases out of
10 thousand. It is also interesting that the statistical figures for the risk of blockage
most important arteries of the body remain unchanged, and
увеличивается лишь риск thromboembolism легочной артерии.

Of course, the findings of the researchers should not be interpreted in favor of
non-IVF. But should warn such women. They need
limit the effect of adverse factors on
cardiovascular system. And doctors, observing women after
IVF, you need to be vigilant.

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