Neck pain in a child (causes and treatment)

Болит шея у ребенка

Why are parents so important to pay attention to pain in the cervical
areas in children? Most often such pains indicate the presence of serious
problems. If the child’s neck hurts, it should be shown to the doctor
to eliminate dangerous diseases. The pediatrician will examine and
will issue a referral to a qualified specialist: a surgeon,
traumatologist, neurologist, orthopedist, otolaryngologist or
infectious diseases

A sore feeling in the neck may prevent the baby from tilting or
turn my head. Pain is often accompanied by lumbago
vertebrae, heaviness in the head, tingling in the shoulder joints,
numbness of limbs, general weakness. There are many reasons for this, and
only a competent specialist can make the correct diagnosis.
However, parents should be aware of the origin of pain and be able to
assist your baby.

Why does a child’s neck hurt (causes)?

  1. Wrong posture. Rachiocampsis
    and neck pains are caused by the sedentary image of children, unwillingness
    perform exercises, insufficient physical exertion.
    Pulsating pains in the back of the head can occur due to
    irregular pillow or mattress, on which the child sleeps.
  2. Minor injuries. Beats while running and
    outdoor games, bruises when falling from a tree, swing, bicycle –
    наиболее распространенные причины боли в шее у
  3. Weight lifting. Too heavy a briefcase,
    satchel, bag keep immature muscles of children’s shoulders and neck in
    constant voltage. This leads to a whining discomfort in
    these areas.
  4. Muscle spasm. The child may wake up with
    severe pain on one side of the neck. His muscles in this area will be
    significantly stretched and very sensitive. Most often spasm
    arises from sitting in a draft or in one position
    long time (behind the TV or the computer).
  5. Inflammation of the lymph nodes. In this case, the child
    complains of sudden backache in the vertebrae, earache, tickling in
    throat Temperature may rise.
  6. Rheumatoid arthritis. Despite the conviction
    many that this disease is peculiar only to older people, it
    able to hit a small child. In addition to pain in the neck can
    fever, fatigue, inflammation occur
  7. Meningitis. It is an infectious disease.
    especially dangerous for the smallest. You need to contact a doctor
    immediately if the neck pain is accompanied by vomiting, high
    temperature, swelling springs, loss of consciousness, seizures.
    It is usually impossible to touch a child’s chest because of a strong
    muscle tension If you do not cure meningitis in time, it can happen
    irreversible dysfunction of the brain or lethal
  8. Torticollis. It is a painful condition when
    which the child’s head is constantly in an inclined position.
    Krivosheya is accompanied by muscle soreness and tension on one
    side of the neck. At the same time, the facial muscles on the other hand are constantly
    stretch and lengthen. If up to 10 years of age, torticollis is not
    cure, the child’s face may acquire asymmetric features.
    (More about crooked …)

In more rare cases, the causes of cervical pain in a child may
become: side effects from taking certain medications, improper
vertebral development, cerebral palsy, stress, complication
tonsillitis, pneumonia, influenza, chickenpox, polio.

Treatment of neck pain in children

First of all, it is necessary to exclude serious diseases.
In addition, parents should find out what kind of injury
kid. If the pain is severe, you can give the child child painkillers.
drugs. If the cause was an injury, the neck should be maximized.

Чем лечить острую боль в шее?

Pressure on pain points: need a few minutes with your fingers
press on the place where it hurts (so removed muscular

In the first hours after the child’s complaint to the neck for a short
time you need to put ice wrapped in a diaper or cold
compress. After removing the inflammation warm the sore spot hot
hot water bottle, you can use a hot shower. Warming compress
made at night will help reduce pain. It is necessary to moisten
vodka or alcohol cotton pad, attach it to the sore spot,
cover with a bag or oilcloth and tie a warm scarf.

You can purchase a special foam collar
materials, which should be chosen exactly in size. He will help
relieve unnecessarily tense muscles and ease the child’s condition.
Separately from heating pads, warming friction should be used,
используя для них аптечные средства, предназначенные для children
If the child does not have allergies, it is useful to make lotions with infusion.

A few more ways to relieve neck pain:

  • lubricate the neck with various warming ointments;
  • You can rub a sore spot with ordinary olive oil.

что делать когда болит шея у ребенка

With curvature, spinal curvature, muscle spasm doctor
may prescribe a therapeutic massage on the neck area of ​​the child, the upper
parts of the back and shoulders. If the parents have not received special training,
This procedure is best left to a specialist. Massage goes well
with therapeutic exercises. Are effective classes in the water.

Neck pain prevention

Чтобы не задавать вопрос, что делать, когда болит
the neck of the child, parents should prevent the occurrence of pain. For
this follows:

  • check the baby’s bed, especially the mattress and pillow: better
    just choose orthopedic that will relieve tension in
  • choose a chair with a high and strong back in which the child
    will be able to abut all the spine;
  • Watch how the child holds his head. It is necessary that
    his crown was always pointing upwards;
  • check the student bag, removing unnecessary things to
    ease the burden;
  • include fatty fish in the child’s weekly diet – natural
    anti-inflammatory agent.
  • perform special exercises with the child for
    maintain posture.


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