Natural tree: the case for greenbeauties

Update: February 2019

Experts Roskoschestvo argue that buying a live Christmas tree from
official sellers do less damage to nature than
manufacture of artificial trees. For the production of plastics
Christmas trees consumed non-renewable resources plus carbon footprint
(greenhouse gases, about 57 kg of CO2 from 1 Christmas tree) – all this causes damage

Live Christmas trees bought in stores, forestry and official
Christmas tree bazaars are trees grown in special nurseries
or obtained by sanitary cutting. Distinguish a legal seller
from poacher easy. В торговой точке должны быть: кассовый
аппарат, разрешительный талон на торговлю, прайс-лист, линейка
for metering, packaging, book reviews and suggestions.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the RSAU-MSHA. K.A.
Timiryazeva Zoya Nikolayeva says:

  • Phytoncides of spruce and pine improve metabolism, activate
    body reserves.
  • Air filled with pine phytoncides can increase
    arterial pressure.

However, unwanted
the guests are insects. The danger is only ixodic ticks,
which rarely winters on trees. To protect yourself, after
tree purchases need to hold in the bathroom for 3-4 hours, cleaned of the bark
shake the crown and wash away the fallen insects if
such will show up.

Six years ago, in St. Petersburg, the ixodic tick, which was brought into
apartment with a Christmas tree, bit the child.

Living Christmas trees are easier to dispose of: they are crushed at special points.
in the chips, which is used in nurseries. Also needles can go on
animal feed. Artificial spruces most often end up in a landfill, where
cause acidification of groundwater, or burned, “treating”
the atmosphere is carcinogenic.

If you still prefer an artificial Christmas tree, buy
quality product that will last for many decades. how
choose natural fir, everyone knows. When buying artificial spruce
need to pay attention to the smell – pronounced “chemical”
aroma should not be. Needles should not crumble if held
on them hand against growth.


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