Natural drops from colic “Kohl Crocodile”

With the problem of infant colic in a newborn sooner or later
facing every mom. The Internet is filled with information that
How can I save a child from abdominal pain.

Natural drops from colic

Colic Drugs – One of the fastest ways to help
baby In pharmacies, you will find many such drugs. Which one
choose? Definitely one that is guaranteed to ease the state.
baby and will not harm him. Natural drops from colic
Crocodile “fully meet these requirements.

How to understand that the baby started colic?

According to statistics, more than 70% of newborns suffer from colic.
Attacks can begin as early as the first week of life and last up to three.
months. If the child is completely healthy, he feels well in
during the day, but before bedtime it begins to scream long and long,
that means he started having colic.

During attacks, the baby’s tummy is swollen;
frequent gassing, unreasonable anxiety, facial flushing
or pallor, the baby clenches his fists and presses the legs to
to the stomach.

If you notice these symptoms in your baby, it means
Colic really started and he needs your help.

How to treat colic?

Pediatricians recommend approaching the problem comprehensively. I.e
give medicines to the baby and at the same time help others

  • Follow the proper feeding technique (baby should
    grab the entire nipple completely, so it will not swallow
    excess air; bottle must be held at an angle
    45 °)
  • Do a tummy massage (lightly palm
    around the navel clockwise)
  • Put warm compresses on the belly of the heated iron
  • Engage in gymnastics (to press the baby’s legs to the tummy, and
    then straighten)
  • Observe the anti-colic diet of a nursing mother (must be discarded
    from products that cause gas formation)
  • Spread baby on tummy
  • After each feeding to keep the baby “column” 5-10
    minutes so he can burp out the extra air

To make attacks faster, baby should be given natural
drugs for colic.

In what cases to use “Kolya Crocodile”?

Drops are recommended for newborns with infant colic and
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which are accompanied by
bloating. The drug has a carminative effect, facilitates
discharge of gas, relieves spasms of the intestines and stomach, improves
appetite. Due to its unique composition “Kolya Crocodile” is not
only solves problems with digestion, but also relieves pain,
soothes the baby and relieves it of insomnia.

Drops of “Kolya Crocodile” are not medicine or
biologically active additive. This is prophylactic baby
food that consists solely of natural ingredients
and is suitable for babies from the first days of life.

How and after what time does Kolya Crocodile work?

The high efficacy and safety of the drug is due to its
natural composition. There is no chemistry, only essential oils
medicinal plants:

  • Anise helps the bowels work, relieves spasms.
  • Dill reduces gas
  • Peppermint stimulates digestion
  • Melissa has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

�”Kohl Crocodile” begins to act instantly. The effect will be
noticeable within ten minutes after ingestion – the baby will stop
cry and calmly fall asleep. Then the seizures will decrease, become
flow easier and easier.

How to give “Kolya Crocodile” baby?

Another indisputable advantage of this drug is simplicity and convenience.

  1. Add chilled boiled water to the vial with drops.
    labels on the label.
  2. Shake solution before each use.
  3. Type drops in the syringe dispenser (included) to
    the only mark equal to one serving is 0.3 ml.
  4. Take the baby in your arms, gently tilt your head back and
    Enter the drug, aiming at the cheek. Baby easy to swallow
  5. After each feeding, rinse the syringe dispenser.
  6. Drops give the baby before each meal (6 – 8 times per
  7. �”Kohl Crocodile” does not need to be stored in the refrigerator.
  8. Drops, diluted with water, can be given to the baby for
    of the month.

Is overdose possible?

Not. An overdose with drops of “Kolya Crocodile” is impossible, because
they contain only vegetable ingredients. Also
no side effects of the drug. The only contraindication –
individual intolerance of ingredients. In rare cases
possible allergic reaction. Therefore, before use should
consult a doctor.

Where and for how much can you buy?

Drops “Kohli Crocodile” can be found in the drugstores “Samson-Pharma”
«Горздрав», «Эко Мир», «36 и 6», «Невис» или заказать через
online store “”. The price varies from 283 to 353 rubles.
per bottle.

Why “Kolya Crocodile”, and not other drugs from

Drops “Kohli Crocodile” – it is effective, safe and convenient in
application means. Most importantly, they do not contain simethicone. it
chemical compound is active ingredient in
most of the preparations for infant colic sold in Russia.
However 18 modern clinical studies have shown that
Simethicone does not relieve colic attacks and can cause severe
allergic reaction in the newborn. Proven: Natural
preparations are much more effective and more useful than chemical ones.

In addition, “Koli Crocodile” does not contain dyes, preservatives
and nutritional supplements. Drops are made in Israel and correspond to
high quality standard.

Thanks to the unique dual formula “Kohl Crocodile” is easy and
safely relieve your baby from colic, give him
calm, good mood and sound sleep.

You can learn more about drops of “Kolya Crocodile” on

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