Nasal aspirators for newborns (typesaspirators and how to use them)

An aspirator is a necessary item in a first-aid kit.
каждой семье, имеющей новорожденного baby

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  • 1 Types and characteristics of nasal aspirators
    • 1.1 In the form of a syringe
    • 1.2 Mechanical
    • 1.3 Electronic
    • 1.4 Vacuum
  • 2 How to use the aspirator
    • 2.1 Sequence of cleaning the spout
  • 3 Video: we clean the nose of the newborn from mucus
  • 4 3 ways to clean a baby’s nose

насморк у новорожденного аспиратор

The nasal aspirator is the simplest suction device.
mucus from the nasal passages of the child. In the people his name is

What is dangerous rhinitis in the newborn

In the nasal passages of crumbs, mucus accumulates, dust can even
form a crust. It is not always the result of a cold.
Just in the rooms, especially in winter, the air is very dry, which is not very
good effect on the mucous membranes of the child.

As a result, rhinitis may occur in an infant,
in a simple runny nose.

  • The mucus prevents him from breathing, the baby cannot suck the breast,
    sleep well It is very dangerous for babies. He can’t breathe
    mouth and nose full of mucus. Some parents try to drip into
    spout drops from a cold. But they will not improve the condition of the baby.
  • The crumb is helpless so far, he cannot blow his nose himself.
    A runny nose can lead to respiratory distress and
    unpredictable consequences.
  • Abundant mucus, if not removed, can through the internal
    auditory tube to get into the cavity of the middle ear of the baby. It may
    cause serious illness – otitis. And require much more
    labor-intensive treatment with antibiotics.

Therefore, in the first months of a baby’s life it’s important
consult a pediatrician. He will prescribe treatment.

And to avoid the use of drugs for
a cold, help will provide a small device – an aspirator. Using
it, you can quickly and easily remove the discharge from the nose.

Types and characteristics of nasal aspirators

What types of aspirators exist?

In the form of a syringe

аспиратор спринцовка

аспиратор спринцовка

Это самый примитивный и самый дешевый вид аспиратора (около
50 рублей
). It consists of a rubber pear with soft silicone

Using it is easy:

  1. Squeeze a pear.
  2. Carefully insert the tip into the bow.
  3. Slowly release the pear.
  4. Together with the air and mucus is absorbed.
  5. After the completion of the cleaning, the syringe must be thoroughly
    rinse and boil.

The big disadvantage of this aspirator is the lack
limiter on the tip. To enter it is necessary “by eye”,
therefore, there is a danger of injury to the nasal mucosa.

The second minus – a pear opaque, so it is not visible, sucked
Do the liquid contents from the nose.


аспиратор механический

аспиратор механический

Каждая фирма рекламирует свой аспиратор, но вид и принцип работы
they are always the same.

  • The mechanical aspirator is a tube with a reservoir.
    for mucus and has a replaceable filter that protects against mucus
    in the mouth of an adult.
  • The tips are soft, often replaceable, so the risk of injury
    mucous small.
  • The principle of operation is simple – an adult inserts the tip of the tube into
    baby’s nose, sucks in the air.
  • Discharges with air enter the transparent reservoir, where
  • After use, the device or discarded (if
    disposable), or sterilized.
  • Such aspirators stand within 200 rubles. To some models
    need to purchase disposable tips.

(Children’s nasal aspirator Otrivin Baby)


аспиратор электронный

аспиратор электронный

Это один из самых дорогих, но и самых эффективных видов
aspirators. His positives are:

  • Soft silicone tip with limiter.
  • Automatic removal of mucus and crusts. Just insert
    tip in the bow, push the button, everything else is a device
    will make himself.
  • There is a clear container for collecting mucus. Well seen, like
    how much of it was removed from the nose of the baby.
  • The ability to wash the spout crumbs with water – just boiled or
  • The power of the device is small, so the risk of injury to the mucous
    is small.
  • The small size of the device and the ability to work on batteries
    allow you to take it with you on the road.
  • Many electronic aspirators can play several
    melodies, which is a distraction during the operation
    cleaning the baby’s nose.

The disadvantage of this device is its rather high cost.
(from a half thousand rubles) and fragility.

(Example of an aspirator)


назальный аспиратор вакуумный

Это достаточно новый вид aspirators.

  • Its principle of operation is based on connecting the device to a tube.
    обычного домашнего пылесоса (!) через мундштук.
  • The tip of this type of aspirator is removable.
  • Both tips need to be used after use.
  • Many parents are alarmed by the fact that mucus will
    suck off the vacuum cleaner. After all, he has great strength
  • Do not worry. The device is worth the bulb – collector, and how
    only in it the vacuum of continuous suction is established, occurs
    quick, in just a few seconds, cleaning the nose.

The advantages of this type of aspirators – safety, efficiency
use, durability. This type of aspirator is considered one
of the best.

The disadvantages include the noisy operation of a vacuum cleaner, which can
to scare the kid, and the rather big price is about 1,300 rubles.

How to use the aspirator

  • Regardless of the type of aspirator, be sure to read
  • Use the device only when absolutely necessary.
    Its frequent use leads to desiccation and malfunction of the mucous
    nasal passages, weakening its protective properties.
  • If allergic rhinitis is better to use antiallergenic
  • It is advisable to moisten the nasal passages before performing suction.
    saline, decoction of chamomile pharmacy or sage. At the same time thick
    mucus liquefies, crusts soften. Through the irrigation procedure,
    hold the child upright to keep moisture out of the respiratory system
    of the way.
  • Before you buy an aspirator, consult a child
  • When suctioning, hold the tip straight, avoiding
    sticking it to the nasal walls. Otherwise, you can injure
    mucous, causing bleeding.
  • If you do not know how to handle a nasal aspirator or just
    afraid, ask an experienced nurse to advise you.
    Perform the first procedure under her guidance.

Spout cleaning sequence

  1. Carefully read the instructions for use of the device.
  2. During the procedure, follow the rules of operation
  3. Prepare a saline solution or decoction of the desired herb.
  4. Hold the child upright or arrange
  5. Make sure the baby is not worried, otherwise you may inadvertently
    damage the nasal mucosa.
  6. Turn the baby’s head to the side and gently drip 3 – 5
    dropping a pipette into one nasal passage.
  7. For newborns and infants up to a year can not be used
  8. Pinch the second nostril with your finger.
  9. After instillation, insert the tip into the bow and suck
  10. The child is in an upright position throughout
  11. Repeat the process with another nosepipe.
  12. Промойте прибор после use, продезинфицируйте.
  13. How often to perform the aspiration procedure depends on the speed
    educational mucus in the nose of a child.

Aspirator – a necessary device for successfully combating rhinitis in
baby Check with your doctor and buy this device. And then
the problem of a cold will be solved easily and simply.

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Video: we clean the nose of the newborn from mucus

3 ways to clean the nose of a newborn

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