Named fruits and vegetables, the most pollutedpesticides

Update: February 2019

The information is based on data from the “Working Group on
Environmental »(Environmental Working Group) – Independent
the organization, since 2004 producing the “Buyer’s Guide to
pesticides ”(Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce). AT
The annual directory provides pesticide contents in 47
popular products. AT этом году опасные химикаты обнаружены в 70
percent of agricultural produce grown by conventional
in a way.

Studies on pesticides are conducted according to the rules.
The Ministry of Agriculture and the Office for the Control of
Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Vegetables and fruits are washed and cleaned before
verification is similar to home processing.

  • Лидером по пестицидам является клубника,
    one sample of the berry contained 20 pesticides.
  • AT шпинате обнаружено в 1,8 раз больше
    pesticides than other vegetables.
  • AT 98 % образцов персиков, нектаринов, вишен,
    был обнаружен хотя бы один пестицид.
  • Также в «топ лидеров» вошли груши, виноград, помидоры,
    celery, sweet peppers, potatoes, chili peppers.

Пестициды в фруктахIn parallel, the list of the 15 most
pure products, which included:

  • avocado, sweet corn, pineapples, cabbage, onions,
    frozen sweet peas, papaya, asparagus, mangoes, eggplants,
    white musk melon, kiwi, cantaloupe, cauliflower and
  • Самым чистым овощем оказался авокадо.

Scientists have focused on the children most affected.
negative effects of pesticides. So, in the American Academy
pediatricians voiced that pesticides cause damage to the nervous
tissue, congenital abnormalities, behavior disorders, asthma and

Connecticut Agricultural Staff
experimental station which is government
the organization claims that washing fruits and berries for 30
seconds under running water saves them from pesticides. AT недавнем
University of Massachusetts study sounded that soaking
products in a solution of baking soda effectively eliminates
pesticides. But the most effective measure is to use
organic fruits and vegetables that are grown in accordance
with the principles of ecological farming.

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