Nail polish against nail fungus – review andcomparison

Update: October 2018

Beautiful nails – one of the big advantages when creating an image
successful, healthy and happy person. But how often leaves
wanting better not only their appearance, but also the health of nails. They
become yellow, thicken, exfoliate.

In very advanced cases, the nail plate may completely
peel off the finger. The reason is so unaesthetic and painful.
nail conditions – fungus. Catch onychomycosis common
and intractable disease is not as difficult as it can

Visiting saunas, swimming pools without individual shoes, changing rooms
on the beaches – these are all the most frequent ways of infection, and fungus
toenails – the most common type
fungal infection. The development of pathological microflora on the nails
contribute to frequent stress, emotional stress, reduction

Bad habits, insufficiently adherence to the requirements
personal hygiene are also fungal provoking factors
nails. The cure for the disease is not as fast as infection. From
correct diagnosis of the disease before healing takes at least six
months if the fungus is localized on the toenails, and until
twelve months in case of hitting the legs.

Lucky for the treatment of nail fungus

Depending on the stage and localization of the fungal infection
Various techniques are used that allow optimal
time to recover.

In the initial phase of infection, varnish is successfully used to treat
nail fungus, the principle of action is to soften
affected nail plate, as a result of exposure
drug die spores of the fungus.

Different pharmaceutical companies produce lacquer under different
names, and they all confirm high fungicidal

Лечебные препараты Theyхелп, Лоцерил, Демиктен, Ламизил и
Batrafen has been used successfully to get rid of onychomycosis and
prevention of disease recurrence. For the prevention of fungal
nail varnish from nail fungus also applies very

Recommendations for the use of antifungal paints

In order to maximize the therapeutic effect
treatment of affected nails should be carried out with
recommendations and in the optimal dosage. So, processing loserilom
It is carried out regularly, twice a week, and treatment is continued until
final laboratory and clinical recovery, up to six
or twelve months for fingers and toes, respectively.

When treating nail fungus, be aware that finger nails
feet are able to accumulate several times more therapeutic
substances than finger nails of brushes. It is also important to keep in mind that
to use different varnishes in combination is undesirable because
this leads to a decrease in antifungal activity.

Contraindications when using varnish

Use nail polish varnish in the treatment of onychomycosis should be with
considering contraindications to its use. It is forbidden for
use during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
contraindicated for individuals with individual intolerance to the components
drug, it can not be prescribed to children. Applying varnish
for the treatment of nail fungus, it is possible in some cases to observe
hyperemia of nearby areas of skin.

Rules of application

  • Preparation of the nail plate before treatment with varnish consists in
    removing the maximum possible amount of affected nail
    tissue using a special nail file, going to
    Complete with a medical varnish.
  • Then the surface of the nail is degreased moistened in
    water-alcohol solution with a cotton ball.
  • Another way to prepare a nail for nail polish is to
    the use of soap-soda hygienic bath.
  • After this application is carried out on the affected nail.
    antimycotic varnish. We recommend frozen varnish weekly
    similarly to ordinary decorative varnishes, using ordinary
    organic solvents.

Review of nail polish varnish

 Biocover Mycosis – New!

  • Biocover mycosis 580-680 rubles.

Active ingredient: Cyclopirox and clotrimazole. Cyclopirox
penetrates deep into tissues, has anti-inflammatory
action, removes unpleasant odor and ugly plaque. Clotrimazole
– powerful antifungal medication, destroys cellular structure
fungus, protects against reinfection, stops
cracking and the appearance of outgrowths. Application: Varnish applied to
during the month every day. The second month – 2 times a week, 3 month
-1 once a week.



  • Loceryl 2200 rub.
  • Theyхелп 1000-1500 руб.
  • Oflomil 900 rub.
  • Exoronfilac 980 rub.

Лак от грибка ногтей Лоцерил и его аналоги  — широкого
spectrum of action affecting more than ten species
fungi by destroying the cell membrane. After the first
applying Loceryl during the day fully penetrates into the affected
nail fungus and stored there for 7-10 days. Fromзывы об
The use of Lotseril for the treatment of fungi is mostly positive.
Indications: prevention and treatment of fungal lesions nails.
Application: Varnish applied on the affected nails 1-2 times a week. WITH
using a disposable file, first remove the affected
areas, then swab moistened with alcohol swab surface
do this before each reapplication of varnish. Treatment
must be continuous for 6 months (fingernails) or 9–12
month (toenails). Contraindications: hypersensitivity, children
early age. Side effects: possible discomfort due to
burning in places of application.

  •  Loceryl 2200 rub.
  • Exoronfilac 980 р.
  •  Oflomil 900 rub.
  • Theyхелп 1500 р.

Neil Expert

Approximate price of 700 rubles.

WITHостав: комплекс силиконов, D-пантенол, раствор серебра,
hydrogen peroxide. Action: Used for mild
fungal infection and for prevention. Hydrogen peroxide
acts as an antiseptic. WITHиликоны создают воздухо- и
waterproof layer that deprives nutrients of the colony
fungus, as well as fill with glue cracks. Application:
Apply 2 coats with a special applicator. After the first нанесения
should wait for the complete drying of 1 layer. Apply twice a day
within a month. Depending on the stage of the lesion for treatment
may need up to 6 months.


  • Batrafen 2200 – 2500 rub.

Лак для ногтей противогрибковый, Батрафенширокого спектра с отличной проникающей
ability. Batrafen is effective against moldy, yeast-like,
dermatomycetes and other fungi, as well as in relation to
gram-positive and most gram-negative bacterial strains.
Indications: prevention and treatment of skin mycoses, nail fungus,
fungal vaginitis. Side effects: possible allergies in the form of
peeling and reddening of the skin, sometimes burning in places of application.

Aldehyde formic acid

  • Demicten 230-280 rubles.Демиктен

Лак для лечения грибка  ногтей и мягких tissues. Luck can
apply on nails and skin. Demicten well relieves nails and
foot from fungal diseases, in addition it contributes
healing of cracked heels, eliminates unpleasant foot odor,
relieves itching. Indications: prevention and treatment of fungal lesions
nails, feet, cracks and keratinization on the heels.


Active ingredient – hydroxyethylcellulose, enzyme filtrate
rye, dimethyl isosorbid, pentylene glycol. Mikozan разрушающе
acts on the lipid membrane of fungi.

MikozanThis is a kit for removing fungal nails from affected nails.
слоя и уничтожение грибка nails. The kit includes:

  • nail applicator with nail serum in a tube
  • 10 pieces. nail files (disposable), with small and large

Application: Перед использованием следует тщательно
steam the damaged nail and clean it from the damaged

  • Use a file from the set of 1 p / week to gently clean the damaged
  • Утром и вечером наносите Mikozan на всю поверхность ногтя в
    for at least 1 month.
  • Let the lacquer dry for 1-2 minutes.

Contraindicated: children under 4 years. Price: 600-800 rubles.

Lucky: Frenchy Smart Enamel, Horsepower, Belweder, Nile
Defender Бельведер

These are prophylactic nail polishes, they do not possess
antimycotic properties. Their preventive action is based
on the fact that with constant use decreases the likelihood
spreading fungus over a larger area. Belvedere for

  • Multivitamin for damaged nails
  • for strengthening nails with coral extract and silicon
  • with keratin for uneven nails

Price: 100-180 rubles.

Fromзывы о лаках, используемых для лечения грибка ногтей

If you have experience of treatment with varnish against the fungus of toenails
or hands, please leave your feedback in the comments to
article, it will be very useful to those who are only going to

Автор: Мельникова WITHветлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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