Myths of the XXI century about raising a child

Many women complain that when they become
moms, they constantly have to contend with grandparents’ stereotypes
issues of parenting and child care. It is not easy to convince them
do not wrap the baby in a blanket, when he is so warm, do not lisp
instead of talking humanly
eat for two, do not console sweets. The new generation has realized
mistakes of their parents and tried to correct them. However we ourselves
did not notice how to create their own stereotypes. Let’s talk about them in
this article.


When I became a mother, I began to struggle with my grandmother’s stereotypes.
about raising and caring for your baby. Oh how hard it was to convince not
muffle a child, do not replace human words with laze, not
to comfort candy, not to feed “for mom, for dad” … Rejecting everything
the old, our generation and you did not notice that gave rise to new
stereotypes! Here are some of them.

Стереотип №1. �“My child is the future genius”

None of the parents want their child to lag behind their
peers and had difficulty learning, communicating with people.
Fear for the future of the child makes modern moms stuff children
knowledge from a very young age. As a result
детей пытаются обучать иностранным языкам, с года уже
reading begins, and later the baby is given to different sections.

In the shops and the Internet now you can find all sorts of benefits
and encyclopedias to educate geeks who only
spur the maniacal desire of modern moms to develop faster
baby’s intelligence. Forums are created in which parents share
success – some two-year-old sons already recite poems by heart
outstanding poets, other year-old daughters say the first words on
English And still everywhere open gardens with early
training, which offers a rich program.

The desire to ensure a prosperous future for the child
commendable. Однако специалисты предупреждают: чрезмерные
loads at an early age provoke general somatic diseases,
neuroses and often even kill motivation to further
. It is important for parents to understand: the child should play and
receive all the joys of childhood, and for the knowledge of the sciences he will still have
enough time.

Common Parental Misconceptions

Trying to accelerate the development of the baby, parents mistakenly believe

  1. If the child will listen to classical music from the early days
    life then grow up an intelligent and cultured person.
  2. The baby will quickly speak if he constantly hears
    human speech – for example, from the TV.
  3. Babies must be taught to go to the pot as early as possible – with
    the moment he gets to his feet.
  4. A child is able to learn to talk and read at the same time.

These statements do not stand up to criticism from pediatricians and
child psychologists, as well as simply refuted by common sense.
Experts remind mothers of a simple truth: everything has its time.
Half year old baby can listen with interest as a mom
reads him a book, but it does not indicate his
или о том, что он понимает сюжет. He just
cheerful and pleased with the fact that with him his mom, who is funny
voices characters in different voices, shows color
Pictures. Therefore, make sure that the baby develops
age, but do not go too far. Otherwise, it will end.

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top tips for parents

Stereotype number 2. �“I will grow a leader at any cost”

Another dream of parents in the 21 st. – bring up a child leader,
who will build a successful career, it will be easy to seek respect
and people’s trust. What should be such a person? Responsible
self-confident, initiative and decisive. Many adults do not
can boast of a full set of these qualities due to the characteristics
character and temperament. The leader is rather the merit of not
nurture, and genes.



It is useless to try to awaken leadership qualities in quiet
introverted child who feels comfortable just next to
close ones.
Yes, he probably will not be the soul of the company and
the head of a large enterprise. However, this does not mean that
child’s life will be unhappy.

Misconceptions about the education of leadership qualities

Не правы родители, которые считают, what:

  1. You can not interfere in children’s quarrels, as this will help
    kids learn how to protect their opinions and deal with
  2. In all games and home competitions, an adult must
    to lose, so that the child grew self-esteem.
  3. It is helpful for the child to remain one-on-one with problems because
    only in this way will he learn to analyze the situation and find

According to experienced psychologists, only by the age of three
kid may manifest the makings of a leader. Such a child like
be the soul of the company, meet and communicate with new people,
to participate in mass events – contests, concerts,
competitions. If you want to further develop leadership qualities
baby, give him an example – be active and proactive
by man.

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the leader. Compilation personalized tales number 3

Stereotype number 3. �”I will bring up a real man (feminine

How often from the parents of young children can hear the phrase
like “Do not cry, you’re a man!” or “How did you get dirty, and
you are a girl, you must be beautiful! ” Gender stereotypes sometimes
turn into a real absurdity. The child was barely 2-3 years old,
and from him already require the manifestation of masculinity or


First, let’s figure out what qualities parents want to see in
the boy. This is responsibility, autonomy, willpower,
determination. To show such traits in the conditions of constant
coercion is impossible. One cannot learn to make decisions if
you are constantly under pressure, they say how and what to do.
That the child grew up courageous and strong morally, less
insist, educate and implant.
Do not disturb nature
– she herself tells the baby how to behave. Give it a little more
independence, although it is not easy to implement.

Gender Parenting Myths

Methods of educating boys and girls, of course, should
vary. However, many parents go too far, falling under
the power of the following stereotypes:

  1. Boys as toys are suitable cars, and girls –
    dolls, but by no means the opposite.
  2. Required attributes of the girl – long hair, dresses and skirts,
    but no pants in everyday life, they are exclusively for
  3. A child can only do that sport or
    creativity that matches his sex. Girl can not give
    on karate, and the boy – on dances.
  4. Girls can forgive a lot, but boys can not be sorry, their
    should be punished, and harder.

Now let’s see what the requirements of modern parents
present to their little daughters. It is neatness and beauty.
with absolutely everything – in appearance, handwriting, manner
talk and hold a fork.

One 40-year-old woman on the forum described a typical situation: in
childhood she was scolded for dirty clothes, for blots in notebooks. She is
I constantly heard from my parents: “Be careful! You are a girl! ”
As a child, this led to the idea that being born a girl is a big
failure. It took time to change this opinion.

Mom should explain to her daughter that she is a girl, but you should not do
it is through reproach. To develop femininity in the baby, suggest
she together treat dad for a cold, take care of a cat,
smarten up in front of the mirror. It is much easier for a child to learn by seeing
someone’s example.

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