Myths and truth about newborn acne

How unpleasant it can be for a young mother to find her face
crumbs scattered obscene pimples. Immediately, the bad climb in the head
thoughts that she did something wrong, improperly cared for,
overlooked, missed. The diet is reduced to a minimum, the child smeared
in three layers of cosmetics, and after a while all
passes – as if there was none. Mom sighs with relief and is proud
by myself. And she didn’t know that she spent a month on buckwheat in vain.
It was a newborn acne – a harmless rash, indicating
that the organism of the baby is cleared of maternal hormones.

Мифы об акне новорожденных

Myth number 1. �”Mom is something wrong
ate it. “

Many people who raised children do not know what acne is.
newborns. But everyone knows about allergies. Even some doctors,
seeing a pimply baby, begin to reprimand mom for violation
nursing diets.

Правда: Акне — не аллергия! These two states
can be confused (although doctors are unacceptable), but, as a rule, kids to
three months are not susceptible to allergic reactions, and acne occurs
it is during this period. No connection with the maternal diet here.

We look at the publication of allergies

Myth number 2. �”Skin wrong
courted. “

Teens moms are often told that acne appears only in
muddy. Growing up, they think they made mistakes in the nursery.
hygiene, now their kids have acne now.

Правда: Причина появления акне у каждого
третьего новорожденного — генетическая. Avoid turning on
This mechanism will not work. Still not running kids are dirty
just below the belt, and their face is not in any means except water

We look at the publication about skin care

Myth number 3. �”We urgently need something

Even those who have heard of acne in newborns are sure that his
need to be treated. Acne on tender cheeks look awful, and the prospect
Waiting at the sea weather does not attract. Well, if all
limited to enhanced hygiene. Some, remembering your
teenage experience, begin to squeeze acne in an infant.

Правда: Акне проходит само, ни в каком лечении
или специальных уходовых мероприятиях не needs Extrude
acne is a very bad habit for adolescents, and even from an infant one
skin is not allowed to do it categorically! The consequences will be
scars or – if you’re unlucky enough to get an infection – scars for the whole
a life.

We look publication on proper hygiene

Myth number 4. �“It hurts the baby! The same
complains. “

Sometimes parents notice that immediately after the appearance
hormonal rash baby began to scream for several hours in a row and
sleep badly

Правда: Акне не доставляет никаких болезненных
sensations. The fact is that the age of acne approximately coincides
with age colic, and sometimes it may seem that these two phenomena

We look publication on why a newborn baby cries
(how to understand and recognize the cause of crying)

Myth number 5. �”After 3 months, acne is already
can not be”.

As the name implies, neonatal acne occurs in
The first month of life and by 3 months usually passes without a trace. If a
similar rashes appeared at an older age, this is for sure

Правда: После 3 месяцев у ребенка может
manifest a similar phenomenon – acne babies. He also does not need
treat, but the doctor must be shown, so as not to be confused with


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