Myths and reality about late pregnancy

Is late pregnancy really dangerous, like
Do doctors say? Is it true that late children are happier and
talented, as psychologists say? We will understand the myths and facts about
late childbirth in this article.

поздняя беременность

In Soviet times, a young mother over 25 years old was called
�“Aging”, which was, of course, offensive to women.
Now public opinion has changed, now even after 35 years
not at all shamefully planning a child. Future moms and
progressive doctors are actively adopting western experience, because in the US and
Europe, motherhood in adulthood is common. True in
There are still many myths and prejudices in our country.
All of them are really groundless or some are

  • After 30 years it is harder to get pregnant than at 20.
    By and large, this is true: with age, the number of ovulations
    decreases, and not every cycle leaves the egg. Only have
    one “but” – the period of fertility is purely individual: there are women
    in which menopause occurs in 40 years, but others may
    get pregnant even at 50.
  • The older the woman, the harder the leak
    It’s not a fact that in 40 years the future state of health
    mothers will be worse than 20. All pregnancies are individual, in each
    case may be their pitfalls. Only one can not
    Doubt: with age, more and more ailments and
    chronic diseases, and they will certainly appear during
    carrying a child. Most often women who become pregnant in
    Mature people complain of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, hypertension and others.
    problems with the cardiovascular system, endocrine pathologies,
    metabolic disorders, diseases of the spine and joints.
  • Late pregnancy and childbirth rejuvenate
    Yes, they really rejuvenate, but only in
    psychologically. A new mother feels a surge of strength
    a surge of positive emotions, she has a lot of important
    affairs, as well as the realization of why and for whom she now lives.
    Indeed, with a child, a person as if returns to his childhood – to
    once favorite books, toys, creative activities. All this
    improves mood, fills life with joy. That’s just
    physical condition after pregnancy and childbirth improves only in
    isolated cases. Some mothers say that their skin has become
    look better, allergies have gone away, or even asthma has returned to normal
    hormonal balance. However, most often the birth of a child does not
    affects physical health or, conversely, to a certain extent
    wears out the body.
  • Childbirth in adulthood pass with
    Except manifested during pregnancy
    diseases, a woman may face new problems after
    the appearance of crumbs on the light. As skin and muscles become less
    elastic, therefore gaps during childbirth are possible. because of
    age changes in the bones appear pain in the spine, because
    after the birth of the baby, a sharp shift of the center of gravity takes place
    body. Often against the background of late pregnancy and childbirth arise and
    disruption of the hormonal system.
  • Late pregnancy increases the risk of developing
    diseases of the fetus.
    Unfortunately, this is a scientifically proven fact.
    Scientists confirm that 40-year-old women have children with genetic
    diseases really are born more often than 25 year olds. Yet
    statistics are encouraging: only 3% of babies who were born by mothers
    older than 40 years, revealed Down syndrome. Various pathologies may
    provoke and intrauterine hypoxia, if the expectant mother
    impaired blood circulation, and insufficient intake of beneficial
    substances. Therefore, all pregnant women must adhere to
    healthy lifestyle and in time observed by a gynecologist.
  • Maternity closer to 40 years – conscious. By
    According to psychologists, a modern woman becomes ready to become
    Mom only 32 years old, not before. There is a logic to this: if a woman
    make a career, firmly stand up, will feel
    morally, financially secure and make an informed decision to give birth,
    chances are she will show wisdom and patience in
    child rearing. However, there are exceptions: mothers of mature
    age can be plagued by fears related to health and
    safety crumbs, and some of them prone to depression, and
    perceive the birth of a baby as a sign of their offensive
    old age.
  • Byсле поздних родов трудно вернуть былые
    This is also more of a prejudice than the truth. WITH
    age really becomes more difficult to tighten sagging
    skin on the abdomen and chest. But you can always lose extra weight – it was
    would desire. The claim that the postpartum completeness is to blame
    hormones are just an excuse for moms who don’t want to do
    efforts and in something to limit yourself. If weight gain is not caused
    serious pathology, then proper nutrition, fitness and healthy
    Lifestyle will help to return prenatal forms and even become more
    slimmer – losing weight after childbirth.
  • Byздние дети счастливее и талантливее. it
    The statement, though controversial, but still not an absolute myth. Moms in
    Mature years have the opportunity to spend more time with children
    than 20 year olds. They find it easier to retire and focus only on
    child, they no longer need noisy parties, they do not lose heart because
    that are forced to stay at home while friends continue to live
    active life. As a result, the toddler gets more of her mother’s
    love, care, caress, walk with him more often in the open air, play
    educational games, read, chat. What else does a baby need to
    grow happy and contented life?

In general, it can be argued that with the current level of development
medicine and society, adulthood is quite
normal phenomenon. It is only important to approach it from all
Responsibility: pre-screened by a doctor, normalize
food and sleep, monitor your health. During
pregnancy should be regularly visited by the gynecologist,
pass all tests, do ultrasound and, of course, continue
adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

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