Myths and realities of life of a nursing woman

There are many myths about breastfeeding. Alone
claim to breastfeed is very difficult and to this end
not every woman will cope, others – on the contrary, it is very
convenient, useful and generally brings sheer pleasure. Only
the truth, as you know, is always somewhere in the middle.

кормит грудью

The fact is that the life of a young mother is not easy and
carefree, regardless of whether she feeds her baby or
no longer. Still the right organization of breastfeeding.
greatly facilitates some tasks and saves a lot of time
mom (and this is an extremely positive effect on health
child). So how does reality differ from all that is written?
on the Internet?

Feeding causes pain and discomfort

Everyone knows about it who read Anna Karenina. Only в
reality classics and even moms, grandmothers, midwives can
to err. Breastfeeding should not cause unpleasant
sensations: many mothers complain about this, but the reasons for the pain are
improper attachment, shortened bridle, infection, or even
When a woman learns to properly apply
crumbs to the chest or cure, these symptoms will pass.

Milk often ends by 3 months.

One of the main problems of nursing mothers is not enough
amount of milk. This would not have been so much talk if
the doctors did not recommend feeding by the hour. After a few
weeks in this mode, the milk is really not enough.

женщина кормит ребенка грудью

Only откуда оно возьмется, если на его количество напрямую
affects how often the baby sucks the breast? There is a straight line here.
dependence, similar to the principle of supply and demand. If simpler,
then the more milk goes, the more will come.

Of course, in another way it happens too: very often mothers have
hormone problems so no effort helps increase
production of breast milk. Even in such a difficult situation you can
continue lactation, even if you need more food.

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breast milk at home (folk remedies and

Baby will constantly “hang” on his chest

Nursing mothers often lead the same life as everyone else:
many work and even drive around on business trips get
education and write a dissertation. To breastfeed, not
be sure to sit around the clock in an embrace with a peanut.
The only thing – up to about 6 months of age, the crumbs and the truth
it will be difficult to move somewhere more than a couple of hours.

If you breastfeed, it will hang

Not true. Whether the breast loses its shape or not, depends more on
other factors: skin elasticity, the presence of bad habits
(especially smoking), age, number of kilograms recruited for
pregnancy time and weight loss rate. Так что бюст
may lose elasticity due to pregnancy, but not due to feeding

If you breast feed your baby, it will not let your parents sleep

Kids can constantly wake up. Only этот параметр сугубо
individual and hardly depends on the diet. However,
breast milk is really digested faster than the mixture, and
a crumb can ask for a supplement. It is also important to remember that nightly
breast attachments are necessary for both the child and his mom: at night
forms the maximum amount of the hormone prolactin, which
вместе с окситоцином поддерживает production of breast milk.

In other words, night feeds will help to avoid that
the lack of milk that everyone is so worried about. However, in such
When the question arises: how to get enough sleep? Immediately arises
counter question: where does the opinion that nursing mothers do not sleep
nightsи напролет? Scientists have investigated the rhythms of sleep in newly born
women and came to the opposite results. Turned nursing
Moms sleep more, even though they often have to wake up to
go to the toddler. They also have better sleep quality, namely
the duration of the deep phase is longer than that of moms who feed babies
mixtures: 182 minutes versus 62 (in the control group – 86).

приставные кроватки и кормление грудью

It’s amazing how nursing moms do it. The secret is that
they often choose to sleep together – not in the same bed
peanut, and, for example, using an additional children’s
cots (the baby is always near – side cots for
newborns). So women can give breasts in a dream, not even
getting up and then immediately fall asleep (the prolactin produced is also
provides a strong, healthy sleep). Meanwhile, mothers who are nursing
children mixtures, forced to get up, warm up, feed. Only after
All these manipulations can try to sleep.

Nursing mother must follow strict diets

Another myth that does not hold water. Mom feeding
breastfeeding, you can eat everything (only vegetables and fruits are better to choose
seasonal). Sausages, canned food, coke and
other frankly harmful products that are not recommended to everyone
the rest. Plus, the first 2 months after birth is better not to use
nothing dairy.

The need for restrictions appears only when
baby signs allergies. Even in this case, the mother does not need to immediately
go to buckwheat with turkey and clean water. Should first
refuse the most common allergens: milk, chicken,
nuts, honey. An important nuance: the root of the problem is not always
becoming a mom’s menu – often even a strict diet does not help, because
allergic reactions cause a variety of reasons. Can
to conclude that mom’s varied diet during the period
lactation prevents the development of allergies in

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