My head with pleasure: 7 true waysto persuade the child to wash his hair without tears

The kid happily runs to bathe in the bath, but as soon as
it comes to washing the head, makes a tantrum and scandal.
The usual problem that almost every young mother faces.
What to do if no persuasion and, especially screams, do not help and
the child does not want to wash your hair? Read 7 Tips
offered by us, and choose the one that you more
will do.

1. The child should not be afraid of water

At the birth of the baby, drop all the advice of the grandmothers, and begin
bathe the baby in the big bath. Even if the crumb will plunge headlong,
nothing terrible will be. Diving in the bathroom strengthens the immune system and
contributes to the proper formation of the baby’s muscular corset. TO
Moreover, nature of infants has the ability to swim, and
you will not have to teach him this in the future. The child will get used
that water gets on the face and eyes, and will no longer be afraid to wet
and wash your hair.

2. You can play with an older child

If the child is already 3-4 years old, and he is still satisfied
tantrums at the sight of shampoo, turn the shampoo into a fun game.
Put a mirror on the level of the kid and offer him to build
foam funny figurines. First you can play with foam in the bathroom, and
then invite the kid to make a crown like a prince, ears like a
Mickey Mouse or scallop, like a chicken.

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3. Do not upset your baby before bathing.

Good mood of the baby while swimming is the key to success
complete the case. If you are going to swim, set up the child to
positive mood Take up with him a lesson that usually raises
mood. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the child will not want
distracted from the game, and you do not drag him to wash. If
baby is upset or wants to sleep, it is better to postpone the trip to the bath on
tomorrow. For one day, nothing terrible will happen.

4. Shampoo should be not only useful, but also

Nowadays, there are baby shampoos that do not contain
dyes and fragrances. TOонечно, они совершенно безвредны, но у них
there is no color, no smell, and the bottle is not bright enough. Baby
more attracted by the delicious smell and beautiful rich color.
Drop all doubts and wash your baby’s head with what he likes,
not you. Millions of moms do this, and children grow up healthy
and, most importantly, happy. To the child to imagine that he washes his hair
strawberry jam is more interesting than eco-friendly shampoo without color and
smell. This is how the world works. It’s nothing you can do.


P. S. TOонечно же, это касается только тех, у
who are not allergic.

Useful information

The children’s industry is constantly coming up with all sorts of “usefulness” for
young parents trying to make their lives easier (and, of course,
increase the range of goods). There are appliances for washing
heads that prevent water and foam from entering the face,
for example, plastic visors. Do not abuse them, otherwise
baby gets used to them and refuses to wash his hair without the usual
attribute. Having gone to visit or a long journey, you can
forget it at home, and rest will turn into an eternal scandal, or your
baby risks remain unwashed.

5. Let the child try to wash the head with dolls or even

Surely you have a doll at home that you can wet.
Offer your baby to bathe her and wash her hair with shampoo. At the extreme
case, nothing bad happens if the child tries to wash
head mom or dad. Seeing that all is well, he readily
allow you to wash your head.

6. Let the baby wash his head himself.

Early childhood is the age when a baby learns to do
elementary things myself. And, most importantly, everything he does
for the first time, he loves it terribly. Give him the opportunity to wash
head by yourself. Give shampoo, explain why better
begin, and quietly watch. Nothing that he is still small, rather
all, he will succeed.

It is amazing, but a fact: there are children in the world who do not like,
when they are fed with a spoon. But as soon as they are allowed to manifest
independence, the dish begins to disappear rapidly. Smooth
there are also children who hate being washed, but with
gladly wash it themselves. No time to cry – you need and shampoo
pour on the palms, and smear it on the head. In general, pour yourself
tea and just watch the process.

7. Shampooing should not be frequent.

Moms wash their hair every day and believe that this baby too
necessary. In fact, it’s enough for a child to wash hair with
use shampoo once a week. Sebaceous glands in children
work less actively than adults, and the head remains long

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Mother’s tricks: my head without tears

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