My experience of breastfeeding in publicplaces

Моему ребенку всего пять месяцев, но с ним мы
already a lot of time: we always go somewhere together,
We accumulate useful experience and learn various tricks literally on
eyes. I was lucky because the day regimen was set to 2
месяца и никаких проблем у нас не было, но небольшие изменения
in it, of course, still occur. My baby is growing, actively
masters this world, one month replaces another … But I, as before,
кормлю ребенка грудным молоком, я являюсь сторонницей
natural breastfeeding. And me, like many nursing
mothers have often had the need to feed a child in front of everyone,
in some crowded place (shop, cafe, park or just a room
with guests). The first few times I also felt the feeling
embarrassment, shame and embarrassment in front of strangers, putting
your baby to the chest outside the house. But I soon realized that this was the most
natural and natural process in the world! And if it is correct
organize, then no one will even pay attention to what you feed
baby breastfeeding in sight!


To feed a child in another place is not so easy. And nursing
mothers often have to give their hungry baby breasts outdoors
или в общественных places, когда быстро добежать домой нет
opportunities, and the baby requires milk louder. I’m good too
familiar is the feeling of awkwardness and shame when you literally
forced to attach the child to his chest in plain sight. Outsiders
people used to think that breastfeeding is a kind of mystery and
very intimate process, when a woman completely exposes her breasts,
and then puts a baby on it from time to time
sighing And all this only adds to the constraints of nursing mothers.
Surrounding believe that mother should breastfeed strictly in the walls
apartments, and many nursing mothers obediently obey the public

It is very easy to overcome these complexes, the main thing is to learn
to deal with shame and constraint. Once me
I had to do it when a big company gathered at our home
relatives and friends to celebrate the christening of my child.
There were a lot of people, so find a quiet and secluded place for
feeding failed. I had to sneak up clothes and attach
baby to the chest in the room where there were strangers. Amazing but
no one paid any attention to it, taking feeding
baby for granted! As if nothing had happened,
I talked with our guests, and at this time the child is calm
sucked breast milk. Then I realized that the feeling of fear and shame
can seriously interfere with breastfeeding, and in this very
The process is nothing shameful or unnatural. Can
lead a normal life and breastfeed, it is very easy and

It is not necessary to sit at home in four walls on
throughout the period of breastfeeding. Or walk somewhere
not far from home to always have time to come back and feed
проголодавшегося ребенка никого не смущая. This can be done in
absolutely anywhere, imperceptible to the eyes of others, with
comfort and without constraint. If you are still afraid or
doubt, then make a choice in favor of your well-fed baby!
Believe me, nobody cares that you are breastfeeding on
street or shop. And if you do it in special clothes, then
the chance to be “caught red-handed” is reduced to zero.

Recall examples from your own life. How often have you seen on
улице или в общественных places мать, которая кормила бы своего
child in sight of everyone? Surely even if they noticed this, it is not
it made no difference, right? Here you are no one
think condemn if noticed. Big deal – mother feeds
a hungry baby with your milk, what’s the big deal?

If you are still very shy and ashamed, then use
some tricks. For example, you can buy special clothes,
to put it on walks with the baby. And then you can always
quickly give the screaming baby a chest, and no one has ever
will notice. Once I applied my hungry baby to my chest right
on the go, walking through the shopping center. Feeding process reliably
hid a sling from prying eyes, and we calmly continued our

If you need to breastfeed your baby on the street or in
crowded place, it is better to find a nook where there will be
drafts, unpleasant odors and loud noises. Then you
both will be comfortable to start the process

Take the three most important assistants for
inconspicuous and comfortable breastfeeding in any

  1. Одежда для кормящих матерей. She is comfortable and
    practical, has a special cut that allows you to quickly and easily
    give a chest to the baby. No need to lift up a T-shirt or bare,
    it is very convenient!
  2. Бюстгальтер с отстегивающимися чашечками.
    �A nursing bra is a wonderful (and necessary) addition to
    одежде для feeding Second, and the baby is already quietly sucking the breast,
    eating mother’s milk!
  3. Слинг. AT Sling is not only comfortable to wear on
    imagine a baby, but you can feed him in without being noticed! Enough
    pull the side of the fabric higher – and no one will guess about anything,
    even if it passes to you end-to-end. And mother’s hands are perfect.
    are free! Читаем также: как выдрать слинг, виды


Last week we had to wait a few hours in
queues at the children’s clinic, and my baby quietly ate breast milk
in a sling, without showing any concern. And before that we went to
guests, and just unnoticed ate on the way to the bus! I never
I worry that my baby may suddenly get hungry, because
I’m always there, and comfortable clothes allow you to breastfeed in any
place and under any circumstances!

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Do not worry and do not think that someone from
прохожих сможет плохо подумать о вас, если даже will notice. The most
the main thing is your comfort and well-fed, calm baby. Throw away
all stereotypes and live in your pleasure. Breastfeed
and being with him is always near – this is real happiness for anyone

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