Musical mobile on the bed Tiny Love «MyPrincess”

Музыкальный мобиль Tiny love «Моя Princess” — красочная
a toy that may be near your baby from his very
birth, giving a feeling of coziness, comfort and tranquility. Design
collapsible mobile, which makes it possible to use it as
classic mobile in the crib and as a suspension in the car seat,
stroller and on other surfaces.

Tiny Love Моя принцесса музыкальный мобиль

О мобиле Тини Лав «Моя Princess”

Mobile painted in bright colors that will delight and entertain
your baby, and fill the room with the atmosphere of childhood. Mobile colors
versatile enough, and pick up other accessories for the crib
will not be a problem. Manufacturer Tiny love offers others
аксессуары для детей из серии «Моя Princess”, которые разнообразят
child’s entertainment, such as developing a rug, bouncer,
transforming arc, suspended and developing toys.

Музыкальный мобиль «Моя Princess” — достаточно компактен и не
take a lot of space if you go take it with you on a trip
or put away for a while to diversify children’s toys to others
mobile The small size of the toys and the music unit will allow
your baby play with these bright details for a long time
when the mobile is no longer relevant.

The materials of which the mobile is made are harmless to
babies. There are no small details in its structure that are dangerous for

Multifunctional mobile – universal toy, he
not only entertains the child and helps him develop his first
visual and auditory skills, but also can free mom so that she
I could quietly have dinner or even absent myself for a short while, leaving
your child under the supervision of dad or grandmother. Habitual and
the soothing sounds of the mobile will help the baby survive the separation from

What is a mobile Tini love Princess?

  • The base in the form of an arc, equipped with a universal mount with
    a clip that allows you to attach the music to the mobile bed
    any type, playpens, strollers and car seats. Favorite mobile
    may be near your baby at home in a cozy cot
    walk or during a visit, and even traveling.
  • Carousel with three hanging toys in the form of a butterfly, a bee and
    flower Textile toys are pleasant to the touch, and most importantly –
    very bright and sure to attract a curious look
  • Five tunes, the total duration of which is about 30 minutes. Sounds
    nature and classical music follow each other, do not get bored and
    like the child and his parents.

Мобиль Tiny Love Моя принцесса

The main characteristics of the mobile “My

  • Food: AA batteries (3 pieces)
  • Materials: toys – textiles; base, mount and
    music block – plastic
  • Age: manufacturer indicates 0-5 months
  • Mobile size: 27 cm x 23 cm x 34 cm
  • There is a volume control
  • Manufacturing country: Israel

Мобиль от производителя Tiny love «Моя Princess”
works in two modes:

  1. Silent rotation – a round dance of bright toys flying over your
    crumbs, will contribute to the development of visual perception and
    observation skills. Over time, the baby will not just watch
    toys, but also learn to catch them or even talk to
  2. Rotating with music – gentle musical melodies will help
    calm and entertain the child. Familiar melodies will be
    to be associated with a calm home environment and give a feeling
    protection on the road or away.

Видео обзор мобиля Tiny Love «Моя Princess”

When the child grows up, and the musical mobile he will not be
so interesting, no need to part with your favorite toy! If a
to remove the carousel arc, with bright textile toys you can play
Separately a very long time, and use the music unit in
As a music box, children love singing toys.
Так что мобиль «Моя Princess” — не только яркая, но и
multifunctional toy that will help you entertain
and develop a child for a long time.

Цена мобиля от 1500 рублей. This multifunctional and
a bright gift will delight your child from the first days of his life.

Buy mobile my princess Tiny Love (Tini Love),
You can read descriptions and specifications in the Internet

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