Music changes the work of the nervous systemhuman

Update: February 2019

Famous publisher The Daily Mail has published information about
the ability of musical compositions to change the work of the brain.
The work revealing this novelty belongs to the University
Edinburgh (Scotland). Now, all people should think: during
the next class of yoga or other sport include music,
it really helps.

Researchers have found that musical sounds enhance communication
brain areas responsible for their processing and control
arbitrary body movements. This discovery can be the basis for
developing treatment of congenital movement disorders and programs
restoration of limb function after a stroke.


We all know that movement is life. And the music is just
makes us move, dance. Listening to the player and
Combining this with any activity can be much better understood.
new skills. Impact of music directly changes structural
features of the white matter of the brain, in which they pass
all motor fibers to the muscles of the body.

The Scottish experiment is based on the results of real
the subjects. The researchers selected the selected volunteers into two
subgroups and gave the task. It was that the participants
had to learn the sequential movements of the fingers not leading
hands (i.e., left in their case). For the first subgroup included
musical accompaniment to the beat of the main action. Second one
the subgroup was deprived of this.

A month later, all the participants certainly learned the necessary
combinations. However, the MRI of the subjects from the first group
showed more active growth of connections between neurons in the right lobe
brain (just responsible for the movement of the left half of the body). This and
allowed scientists to conclude that music is actually
able to change the structure of our nervous system. Will it be
discovery used in the development of medicine, only time will tell.

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