Mushroom soup for children

когда детям можно давать грибной суп

After a year, the child’s diet is greatly expanded. Growing up
the baby is no longer just in need of nutritious and nutritious food, but also
in a varied. Trying to introduce new products, it is worth finding out with
how old can they be given to a child, suddenly they will inflict on him

Many cook various soups from borsch to kharcho. One of the favorite
Many soups are mushroom. When children can be given
mushroom soup, because it is famous for its high content of proteins
and in vegetarianism it replaces meat broth.

The composition of mushrooms: the benefits and harm

Mushrooms are very rich in substance. They
contain compounds useful for the body:

  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, PP.
  • Trace elements: potassium, necessary for stable operation
    cardiac muscle and calcium, an important “brick” for the formation
    bone system and milk teeth.
  • Phosphorus is an essential element for the development of brain activity.
    By its quantity, the mushrooms approach fish products.
  • Protein, its so much that sometimes draw an analogy between
    mushrooms and meat.
  • Enzymes – lipase and amylase.

However, mushrooms also contain chitin, which makes them food,
heavy for digestion. Chitin – the main component of the shell
snails, crayfish and crabs. It is difficult to imagine that our stomach could
it is to digest, much less a child.

The structure of the mushrooms resembles a sponge, they absorb harmful
substances from the soil and the environment. Ecological situation in
many areas of the country is poor, so it’s worth
enter mushrooms grown in greenhouses into the kid’s menu: champignons or
oyster mushrooms For forest mushrooms, you must clearly know in which area they are
were collected, what was the distance from the automobile and iron

When can the child be introduced to the taste of mushroom soup

In a matter of time when you can start feeding children mushroom
dishes, in particular soup, the opinions of experts
diverge. Some consider it quite possible to use
mushroom soup since the age of three, others do not recommend to enter into the menu
mushroom dishes up to six or seven years.

The frequency of the mushroom soup in the child’s menu should be
small. Cooked from quality, proven products
Mushroom soup can be given to children once every two to three weeks. It is better
Start with cream soup based on mushroom broth.
The broth from the mushrooms must be diluted with water and on its basis to cook the baby
habitual vegetable soup.


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