Muscovites are under constant stress

Update: February 2019

Muscovites live too actively, their body is in
constant stress, which leads to burnout in the workplace. AT
As a result, the quality of work and life as a whole falls. May develop
serious mental illness: schizophrenia, depression.

This process is called emotional syndrome.
burnout.  This information was shared by Sergey Chernov,
chairman of the federation of trade unions.


ATероятность развития такого синдрома у следующих групп людей
makes about 30-90%:

  • executives
  • the police
  • psychologists
  • doctors
  • sociologists
  • sellers.

Chronic stress can cause global changes in the heart,
diabetes and even cancer. ATОЗ утверждает, что регулярный стресс
able to bring schizophrenia to any person.

ATласти Москвы уже рассматривали проблему выгорания врачей в
Last year. Most often burn oncologists, psychiatrists and
HOSPICE health workers (they improve the quality of life in mortally
sick people). Scientists have explained that emotional syndrome
burnout occurs due to indifference to their work and direct
responsibilities, increasing negativity to patients, constant

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