Muscle hypertonia in children under one year: symptoms,effects and treatment, massage with hypertonus

Hypertonus is a disorder of the muscle tone of the body, which
expressed in overstretched muscles. Almost all babies are born with
pronounced muscle hypertonia. After all, during the inside of the womb baby
resides in the fetal position. Limbs and chin in
this position is closely pressed to the body and muscles of the fetus constantly
are tense.

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  • 1 Symptoms of hypertonus
    • 1.1 Consequences and danger
      • 1.1.1 Hypertonus of the legs
      • 1.1.2 Hypertensive hands
  • 2 treatment
    • 2.1 Massage
      • 2.1.1 Video: how to do massage with hypertonia
    • 2.2 Baths
гипертонус у ребенка

гипертонус у детей до года

Примерно до полугода нервная система крохи «учится» работать в
conditions other than intrauterine. Baby gradually develops
and slowly begins to control the movement of their muscles and
the skeleton. У месячного ребенка гипертонус выражен
very much.
This is displayed in clamped cams and
bent legs, in tilting the head back. Tone
the extensor muscles in a month-old infant are higher than

With the physiological hypertonicity, the child’s legs are moved apart only
на 450 каждая. When moving the legs felt
pronounced resistance to movement. By three
месяцам гипертонус мышц у ребенка без патологий
practically passes.
If after reaching
the child has half a year of tension in the muscles urgently needed
consult a doctor.

Symptoms of hypertonus


Complications during pregnancy, birth trauma,
rhesus conflict, the incompatibility of the blood of parents, residence with
poor environmental conditions and many other factors
will cause hypertonus. Worth attentively
отнестись к симптомам гипертонуса, ведь это может быть
expression of a serious neurological disease.

Признаки выраженного гипертонуса:

  1. Restless and short sleep.
  2. Lying down, head thrown back and arms and legs
    pursed up.
  3. When you try to spread the legs or arms of the baby you feel strong
    resistance. The child is crying. Secondary breeding
    increases muscle resistance.
  4. Vertically on a solid surface, the child tries to stand on
    (Информация: если ребенок ходит на цыпочках).
  5. When crying, the child throws back his head, bends and when
    этом у него дрожат мышцы подбородка (См статью о треморе
  6. Frequent regurgitation.
  7. A painful reaction to various stimuli: light, sound.
  8. From birth, the baby “keeps” the head due to constant
    neck muscle tension

It is important to determine as early as possible that the child
hypertonus. Detection of at least one baby
the above symptoms – a compelling reason to turn to children
to the neurologist. The diagnosis of “hypertonus” will be made if the flexor tone
higher than it should be at this age.

Determine the hypertonicity of the muscles by several reflex

  • Sitting down: it’s impossible to lift the baby’s hands away from
  • Step reflex. When the child is upright
    trying to make a move. Saved after two months.
  • Reflex support: standing child rests on the toes of the foot.
  • Preservation after three months of asymmetric and symmetric
    reflexes. When leaning head to chest lying on the back of a child
    arms are bent and legs are bent. When turning the head to the left in
    In the same position, the left arm is pulled forward, the left leg
    unbent and right bent. When tilted to the right side all
    repeated in mirror image.
  • Preservation after three months of the tonic reflex: lying on
    back, the child straightens the limbs, and on the stomach bends them.

If by a certain age these reflexes do not weaken, and in
do not disappear further, it means that the child has pronounced hypertonus
muscle Therefore, it is necessary to refer to
to the doctor.

Details about the reflexes of newborns

Consequences and danger

Чем же так опасен гипертонус, если его возникновение
due to the position of the fetus itself? Physiological hypertonus
passes after three months without a trace. Pathological hypertonus
caused by damage to the brain tissue, which are responsible for the state
muscle Such disorders occur with increased intracranial
pressure, perinatal encephalopathy, increased excitability and
other pathologies.

гипертонус мышц у ребенка

гипертонус мышц

Если после трех месяцев гипертонус у
детей сохраняется, последствия, при отсутствии лечения
are pitiable. Lack of muscle tone regulation will affect
further development of the child:

  • Violation of motor coordination;
  • Formation of irregular gait;
  • Incorrect posture formation;
  • Developmental delays, especially motor skills;
  • Speech impairment.

Hypertonicity of the legs

Especially dangerous if a child has
сильный гипертонус ног.
It affects the speed
development of motor activity. Kids with this diagnosis later
begin to crawl and walk. For babies with hypertonus of the legs especially
use of walkers and jumpers is contraindicated. These gadgets
increase the state of tension of the muscles of the legs and spine due to
uneven distribution of gravity. Load increases
precisely on the muscles of the pelvis and spine.

Hand hypertonus

Hand hypertonus выражается в сопротивлении мышц при отведении
pens from the chest, tightly clenched cams. This condition is most often
observed with physiological hypertonus. However long
maintaining muscle tension should worry parents

See video:


Правильное и своевременное лечение гипертонуса проводится
exclusively by a specialist doctor – a children’s neuropathologist. Everything
procedures are prescribed only by the attending physician. The earlier start
the treatment, the better and faster the positive results will appear.

There are several techniques and directions in medicine.
allowing to remove hypertonus:

  1. Relaxing massage.
  2. Physiotherapy.
  3. Electrophoresis.
  4. Paraffin baths (thermotherapy).
  5. Swimming.
  6. Drug treatment.

Как видно из списка чтобы убрать
гипертонус лекарства применяются в последнюю очередь. it
drugs that relax the muscles, reduce their tone and diuretic
means to reduce the level of brain fluid.
In addition to the massage, dibazol and vitamins of the group may be prescribed.


Massage при гипертонусе можно проводить самостоятельно в домашних
conditions starting at two weeks of age. Naturally, first
need to consult with a child massage specialist and
get him instructions and recommendations for the massage.
Everythingго проводится десять сеансов, которые через полгода лучше всего
repeat one more time.

Massage состоит из трех видов приемов
поглаживание, растирание и

  1. The back of the hand stroking the surface of the arms, legs and
    backs. You can alternate surface stroking fingers with
    grasping stroking with the whole brush.
  2. Circular skin rubbing. Baby is laid on the tummy and
    fingers make circular rubbing with dashed movements from below
    up. Then do the same with the limbs, turning the child
    on the back.
  3. Take the baby by the hand and gently shake it. Wherein
    should always hold the hand in the forearm area.
    Carry out the procedure with both hands and feet.
  4. Take the baby by the arms above the wrist and rhythmically shake hands
    in different directions.
  5. Wrap the baby’s legs by the legs and shake.
  6. Complete the massage with a gentle stroking of the arms and legs.

When hypertonus can not be applied deep kneading the muscles,
pats and chopping techniques. Everything движения должны плавными и
relaxing but rhythmic.

Video: как делать массаж при гипертонусе


Herbal are excellent remedies for removing hypertonus.
baths. The water itself has a relaxing property, and in
combined with herbs becomes a great tool for
hypertonus. Take turns for four days in a row.
baths with valerian root, lingonberry leaf, motherwort and sage.
One day break, repeat the procedure again and so 10
days Conifers also have an excellent relaxing effect.

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