Mukaltin and breastfeeding pills: whatshould know nursing moms?

Young mothers who breastfeed in case of illness
seasonal viral infections or with a strong cough are looking for ways
effective and fast treatment. They are wary of
medicines that through breast milk can
be passed on to the child. Therefore, treatment should not just do no harm
lactation process, and to be guaranteed safe for the baby.
Malkaltin is an old proven anti-cough remedy.
Considering that it is not recommended for use for children under one year old.
I wonder whether it can be treated with mukaltin during breastfeeding and
What are some other ways to treat colds and coughs in lactating women?


Mukaltin recommended for productive cough with viscous
sputum accompanying inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract
tract in acute or chronic form.

Is it possible to use mukaltin during lactation?

Therapists and pediatricians consider the use of mukaltin in the period of GW
safe and justified. He has a homeopathic herbal
composition, has remarkable expectorant,
anti-inflammatory, enveloping and softening properties.
It effectively and quickly treats cough without compromising the composition and taste.
breast milk and not harming the health of the baby.

But still, despite the safety of the drug when
breastfeeding should not make independent decisions about
his reception. Be sure to consult with your caregiver.
a doctor.

The composition of mucalitin

To determine the effect of any drug on
lactation, you need to familiarize yourself with its composition.

The active substance of mukaltin are polysaccharides.
medicinal plant Althea, characterized by a powerful effect on
bronchial membrane. Althaea officinalis are among the most popular.
means of dealing with cough. The vegetable mucus contained in his
helps relieve inflammation and irritation in
bronchi. It dilutes viscous sputum, changes the properties of the mucous
shell of the respiratory tract, softening it, improves secretion and
speeds up the sputum removal process.

In addition to Althea polysaccharides, the drug contains at least
an important component is sodium bicarbonate. He has a great
antitussive, secretolytic plus expectorant effect.

Mukaltin is prescribed for the treatment of acute and chronic
respiratory diseases (bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia),
which are complicated by dry cough.

How to use

Mucaltin tablets are best not to swallow, but slowly
dissolve They are not nasty and not bitter and can not spoil
smack of breast milk. They taste good with a light
citrus sourness.

Also, the drug can not be absorbed, but simply dissolved in
a glass of warm milk or plain water.

The number of tablets and the frequency of intake per day will appoint the treating
doctor. As a rule, mukaltin is prescribed in the amount of one or two
tablets once to eat 3-four times a day, at equal

Nursing mother will be able to get rid of cough completely in four-5 days
regular use of mukaltin. If after this period does not occur
desired effect then you should stop taking it. In the body
young mothers can develop a habit and the medicine will become
useless. In this case, it is recommended to refer to
To the attending physician for change of therapy.

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paracetamol during breastfeeding?

Contraindications and side effects

Mukaltin is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, gastritis, ulcer
stomach allergies to medication components. He is not prescribed to children.
up to a year.

In rare cases, moms may feel nauseous after taking
heaviness in the stomach or an allergic reaction. Required
closely monitor their condition and the behavior of the child when
The first reception mukaltina. If you do not have individual
intolerance to its components and an hour after taking
there are no signs of allergies, so you can safely treat mukaltin

Useful recommendations for quick recovery.

It is possible to eliminate the symptoms of cough not only with the help of medicinal
remedies, but also helping your body fight infection.
It is recommended to air the room every hour on average 10-15
minutes, while leaving the room with the child. Desirable
support in the nursery optimal for a nursing mother and baby
air temperature up to 22 ° С and humidity 50-70%.

An important condition for rapid recovery is abundant
drinking and gargling. You can drink berry fruit drinks, decoction
rose hips, teas with the addition of raspberries, lemon or milk. Temperature
drinking should correspond to the body temperature. To honey when breast
feeding is advised to be careful since many
kids react to it with allergic rashes. For some
raspberry and lemon can also have undesirable effects.
form of allergy. Therefore, carefully watch the baby and his

For the treatment of throat nursing mom can try before bedtime
drink hot milk from tea false butter and pinch
soda At night, it is desirable to wrap a warm woolen throat.
a scarf.

Gargling can be a solution of salt with soda, herbal
infusions of chamomile, sage or calendula or furatsilina solution.
To prepare the solution for rinsing 1 tablet furatsilina
crushed and dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water and used
2-3 times a day. For the preparation of soda-salt solution for
gargling the sore throat dissolve a teaspoon of salt and half
a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Every hour
gargle sore throat. This will help to sanitize and
heal irritated mucous membrane and remove puffiness.

If the mother does not want to take absolutely no drugs from
coughing during HBV, simple inhalation with
normal saline. They have a beneficial effect on
respiratory tract and is particularly effective in treating wet

Cough can be treated not only from the inside, but also from the outside with
warming up ointments. Mothers who are breastfeeding are recommended.
ointment “Doctor Mom” ​​or “Vicks Active.” Rub your throat, make sure that
the medicine did not get on the chest area.

Folk remedies

Their main advantage lies in the naturalness and
harmlessness for both mother and baby.

The main products that cough cures in folk
medicine, are milk, honey, lemon, onion. In the absence of
allergies in mom and baby, you can try the following recipes:

  • For the treatment of hoarse cough milk helps boiled
    figs Finely chopped fresh figs boil in a glass of milk.
    Blend the mixture to homogeneity using a blender and take
    a glass 2-3 times a day.
  • From dry cough, try the milk, which cooked onions
    bow. 1 large onion cut into rings and cover with milk
    (half liter). Bring to a boil and cook for 10-15 minutes until soft.
    Luke. Then cool the milk and strain. Medication received
    store in the refrigerator. Take in the form of heat on a tablespoon.
    every hour.
  • You can try the recipe with black radish. Do in it
    deepen, pour honey and keep warm. After a time came
    Mix the juice with honey. Mixture perfectly helps in the fight against cough.
    Take the best teaspoon four times a day.
  • A strong cough can be cured with plantain leaf infusion. four
    столовые ложки листьев залить кипятком (half liter). Wrap and
    insist hour. Процедить и пить 3-four раза в день по 2 столовые
  • When debilitating coughing and sore throat ripe ripe
    bananas. Chop the ripe banana pulp in a blender and mix with
    a glass of hot milk. Bring the mixture to a boil, cool and
    mix it up. Take three times a day. Every time cook a new one.
  • You can try aromatherapy, using for the procedure
    lavender, grapefruit, lemon or cinnamon oil.

Therapists and pediatricians advise timely treatment and not
start the disease. From a reasonable and careful attitude to your
health directly affects the health of the baby and his

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Medication during pregnancy and lactation – School
Dr. Komarovsky

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