MRI preparation for abdominal and retroperitonealspaces

Update: December 2018

Today, magnetic resonance imaging is
the most accurate and convenient survey method to identify
diseases at the beginning of their development. Painless and absolute
Harmlessness can be used even for children.

MRI is the method of choice for many diseases of the organs.
abdomen (injuries, inflammatory processes, tumors, disorders

In order for the result to be as informative and
reliable before an abdominal MRI scan is necessary
get simple training:

  • В течение 2-х дней перед проведением
    studies recommended adherence to a diet with a restriction
    carbohydrates to “unload” the liver, spleen, pancreas
    gland. Excluded foods from the diet
    gas formation: all kinds of legumes, white cabbage, potatoes,
    black bread, raw fruits and vegetables, sodas, milk and
    etc. Exclude taking Duphalac (Lactulose, Normase).
  • Вечером накануне исследования допускается
    only light dinner, preferably in liquid or semi-liquid form.
  • В день исследования – не завтракать. If up
    scheduled time over 3 hours – allowed to drink a cup of tea.
    If the MRI is scheduled for the afternoon, light
    breakfast, however from the last meal to the study should
    walk at least 5 hours. You can drink sedatives for
    успокоения  особо тревожным людям.
  • Женщинам убедиться в отсутствии беременности
    (Do ultrasound test).
  • За полчаса посетить туалет. Take off before entering
    watches, metal objects, hairpins, wig, dentures,
    piercing, etc.

In case of emergency, it is carried out without prior preparation.
How to prepare for MRI of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal
spaces заранее?

Do I need to clean the intestines?

  • If the intestines function normally and are emptied daily,
    then additional study preparation is not needed, enough
    regular toilet visits.
  • For chronic constipation the day before the examination is recommended.
    perform a cleansing enema or take a laxative.
  • With flatulence, bloating to reduce the amount of gas
    in the intestine it is recommended to take Espumizan, Sorbeks. Reception
    drug start on the day before the study 2 capsules 3 times a
    day, and 2 capsules in the morning on the day of the study without drinking water.

To reduce intestinal motility 30-40 minutes before the procedure
You can take 1 tablet of drotaverine or no-shpy.

What to wear?

  • Clothing for an MRI should be as comfortable as possible.
    metal elements (buckles, zippers, buttons, buttons, hooks and
  • Many clinics have a special examination.
    disposable costume, in which case personal clothing of great importance
    It does not have, as long as it was easy to take off and wear.
  • It is better for women to refuse decorative cosmetics, since
    its composition may contain metals.
  • In the locker room must leave all metal objects.
    (монеты, ключи, заколки, украшения, ремни, часы и etc.). An exception
    make items of gold and silver, you can leave them, because
    these metals are not magnetized.
  • In the office with a tomograph can not carry a mobile phone,
    plastic cards, watches and other electronic equipment, as under
    the action of a magnetic field, they fail.

What to take with you?

For the passage of MRI, it is desirable to have with you:

  • The direction of the attending physician with an indication of prior
    diagnosis as well as research objectives
  • previous MRI results (if previously performed),
  • results of other studies (analyzes, ultrasound, CT, scintigraphy
    and etc.)

If you have undergone surgery with the implantation of any foreign
bodies (prostheses, implants), then you need to have a copy
certificate of implanted material or a certificate from a doctor,
performed a surgical intervention confirming safety
проведения МРТ с этим материалом. With
the absence of these documents in tomography will be

MRI with contrast

The contrast drug used for MRI
properties significantly different from those that apply when
radiography and computed tomography. It includes
alkaline earth metal halidonium, which does not enter the body
in no interaction, does not cause allergic reactions and
practically non-toxic to the kidneys.

Therefore, for an MRI with a contrast agent
no additional training is required. Allergy patient for
exceptions possible allergic reaction is desirable to hold
test for a contrast agent.

What to do with claustrofibes?

Если у вас есть страх замкнутого spaces, об этом
be sure to tell a specialist performing

  • In advance, try to adjust yourself to the need for
    This procedure, read the tomograph device (it is not
    completely closed, and has 2 exits, besides you will have
    constant communication with a specialist and at any time you are your own
    can stop the study)
  • 1 hour before the start of tomography can be taken soothing
    drugs or 1 tablet of anaprilina.
  • Ask a loved one to be with you at
    the office.
  • Close your eyes and do not open them until the end of the scan.
    Additionally, cover your eyes with a tissue or put on a bandage.

If you cannot cope with fear, or if the patient
suffers from hyper mobility, and without an MRI can not do,
examination is performed under anesthesia. Here you will need
consultation of the anesthesiologist.

How is the research done?

Before starting the study you will be asked to fill out
consent to tomography, after which the nurse conducts
take you to the mr research room. You will need to lie on
a couch that moves itself inside the magnet
scanner, having the form of a tunnel.

Throughout the time of the survey you will be
under the supervision of an operator and a doctor. With сканировании аппарат шумит,
makes characteristic rhythmic sounds, sometimes vibrates. For communication with
the medical staff in your hands will be a special button by clicking on
which can pause the study. Periodically operator
will give you a command to hold for 20-30 seconds of breath. From that on
how much you will fulfill them depends on the quality of the received
imaging and diagnostic accuracy.

Duration of scanning of one area from 10-15 minutes to
half an hour, during this period you need to save

In some cases, to clarify the nature of the change,
need to continue research with contrast. For this you
a special drug will be injected into the vein. It is absolutely safe, however with
using it you can get more reliable data.

20-30 minutes after the end of the scan, the doctor will give you
conclusion and, if necessary, CD-ROM with the recording of the study.

What shows?

Мрт органов брюшной полости и забрюшинного spaces –
clarifying research method that is primarily assigned
in diagnostically difficult situations, before operations, to control
treatment efficacy and process dynamics.

Using magnetic resonance imaging can be investigated.
liver, biliary tract, pancreas, spleen,
kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, lymph nodes, large

But for examination of the stomach, small and large intestine MRI
does not fit.


Despite the safety of the method, there are still
restrictions on its implementation.  Contraindications делятся на
absolute (when the research is not allowed under any circumstances).
conditions) and relative (when the survey is not desirable, but when
great clinical significance possible).

Absolute contraindications:

  • The patient has a pacemaker,
  • Endoprostheses of joints, Ilizarov apparatus,
  • Stents in the vessels of the heart and brain, venous
  • Electronic and metal-containing middle ear implants,
  • The presence in the body of various fragments, bullets,
  • The presence of hemostatic clips on the cerebral vessels,
  • Internal devices for insulin administration,
  • The body weight of the patient is more than 150 kg.

Relative contraindications:

  • Epilepsy,
  • Claustrophobia,
  • The presence on the patient’s body of tattoos (if they are made with
    using metal-containing dyes),
  • Pregnancy (first trimester),
  • Severe condition of the patient when constant monitoring is necessary.
    vital functions
  • The impossibility of a long stay in a still

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