Можно ли семечки при breastfeeding(roasted seeds, pumpkin and sesame)

Sunflower seeds (most often sunflower) – one of
favorite products from the vast majority of women. In his
composition – many trace elements needed by an adult
vitamins and amino acids. Since each of these elements can
have a certain effect on the child’s body
to figure out whether nursing mommy can eat them. Below
We list all the features of the seeds that you need to know each
nursing woman.


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feeding what is not recommended food list

The benefits of sunflower seeds for breastfeeding

  • Семечки – мощный антидепрессант, успокаивающий нервную
    new mom’s system. In the period of GW when it is undesirable
    use of drugs, it is especially relevant.
    Vitamin A Supplied in Breastmilk
    It has a calming effect on the baby. Seeds are also
    make the mother’s nails and hair stronger and the skin smooth and
  • Vitamin D contained in the seeds has a beneficial effect on
    the physical and mental development of the child;

состав семечек

  • In the sunflower kernel are proteins, iron and calcium, which
    it is necessary only to the woman who gave birth. This is especially true
    calcium, which she shared with the baby, and that she needs
    to fill;
  • Употреблять семечки в период ГВ желательно женщинам,
    suffering from problems in the urogenital and cardiovascular
  • Experts advise you to add to your diet seeds of ladies,
    having breastfeeding problems as they contribute to
    milk excretion (see lactation article). At the same time increases
    its fat content, so if you are fine with GW, do not
    overdo it;
  • Sunflower kernels have a psychological effect. If a
    nursing mom has difficulty giving up smoking to her
    It is better to replace this harmful addiction to eating seeds. When
    you want to tighten, grab them. After some
    time you feel that the craving for smoking is leaving you.

Harm of sunflower seeds with HB

  • Sunflower kernels can act as an allergen. If a
    suddenly a rash appears on the body of the baby, try to exclude seeds from
    your diet;
  • When abused in the body of a nursing woman and child
    constipation may occur;
  • These seeds can cause colic in the baby’s belly;
  • Despite its diminutiveness, calorie seeds. If a молодая
    mother is inclined to be overweight, it is better not to get carried away with them;
  • Sunflower kernels harm tooth enamel immediately after eating
    brush your teeth thoroughly;
  • The shell contains a lot of harmful bacteria. Lest
    hurt yourself and your baby, thoroughly fry the seeds and
    refrain from buying them from grandmothers at bus stops. Nobody knows,
    the conditions under which they were cooked;
  • It is recommended to abandon the salted seeds. With them chest
    Milk can get unpleasant taste for the baby.

What you need to know about pumpkin seeds?

польза от тыквенных семечек

Despite the lower popularity compared to their
�“Black” brothers, white or pumpkin seeds can also
meet on store shelves. They are a storehouse of zinc, positive
affecting the organs of vision and reproductive system, hair, skin and
immunity. It is also believed that pumpkin seeds are the least

Usually they are widely used in antihelminthic therapy.
They do not clog the intestines and do not irritate its mucous membranes; they are not capable
harm the baby like a number of drugs of similar
actions that makes them effective in fighting against
helminthic invasions.

A few words about sesame seeds

This product is useful for both mother and newborn.
As a dietary, sesame will not contribute to the appearance of
women on overweight. It helps to clean the vessels and reduce
the amount of cholesterol in the body.

Sesame is the most powerful immunomodulator that allows you to protect
the body of the mother and her child from a number of harmful diseases and
bacteria. It contains a lot of calcium, which is important for bones,
teeth, hair and nails.

In order to receive only one benefit, it is recommended to eat daily
one teaspoon sesame seeds.

How many seeds can I eat?

It is not recommended to combine grains with any other product:
eat them in between other meals. Concerning
roasted sunflower seeds, everything is good in moderation: fry them yourself
minimum amount of oil.


Like any other product introduced into the diet
nursing women for the first time after childbirth, you must start eating seeds
from small. At first, only 20 grams of grains per day will suffice.
After that, watch your child for
it has redness, rash, or constipation. If a с ребеночком все в порядке,
gradually can increase the “dose”.

Subsequently, you can eat about 80-100 grams of grains in
day. This will be enough to get from them
The required amount of healing trace elements and vitamins
improve the work of the intestines and stomach, prevent possible
the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, thrombophlebitis and

What if you are addicted to seeds?

  1. If you feel that you want to eat seeds more often,
    It is important to reduce their effects on your body. Eat them no later than
    than 2 hours before GW.
  2. Having a strong craving for sunflower seeds, first
    gradually reduce their number, and then completely replace it with
  3. In order to overcome addiction, you must first realize and
    take her. Think about the harm of seed abuse.
    you apply to your body and to the tender body of a child. Often
    such introspection is enough to get rid of excessive
    thrust to lusgany.


Refuse from seeds during the breast
feeding or not is a purely individual matter. However worth
notice that negative qualities are less objective than
positive. If you have no contraindications, and you tend
sense of proportion, the seeds will give you all their healing

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Watch the video – the benefits and harm
sunflower seeds:

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