Mouthwashes can causestroke or heart attack

Update: February 2019

Mouthwashes that have recently become
very popular, carry risks of stroke and
heart attack. Many today are used to using various
antibacterial mouthwashes for oral hygiene, not
suspecting that antiseptics included in their composition except
harmful bacteria destroy and beneficial bacteria that
regulate vascular tone in the body.

Dentists strongly recommend, except for everyone
brushing teeth, complement the treatment of the mouth with dental elixirs, on
which manufacturers earn millions of dollars a year. These
funds can be seen on the market in any pharmacy,
containing fluorine, minerals and antiseptics,
contribute to the protection of teeth and the destruction of bacteria. These средства
can be used, but only for any diseases of the cavity
mouth prescribed by a doctor (see treatment of stomatitis in adults), and for
daily hygiene is not recommended.

Researchers from Britain at the University of London Queen Mary
conducted a study stating that similar means
hygiene can increase blood pressure, provoking
increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. Reason for
such a statement was served by a study on 19 participants
experiment, they began to rinse your mouth 2 times a day means
Korsodil and on the second day the subjects found an increase
pressure 2-3.5 mm p. with.

Опасные ополаскиватели для полости рта

It seems a bit, but this meager increase can increase
the risk of ischemic stroke is 10% (see signs of a stroke in
women and signs of microstroke), heart attack by 7 percent. Of course,
a young man with no problems with the cardiovascular system
a slight increase does not threaten anything serious, but if the person
old age or he has a predisposition or already
developed heart disease and vascular disease then
use similar products for oral hygiene.

The study authors believe that contained in rinsing
chlorhexidine solution is the cause of this increase in blood pressure.
Chlorhexidine kills beneficial bacteria that are designed to
the formation of nitric oxide, which contributes to the expansion of blood vessels.
Violation of the normal microflora of the mucous membrane during rinsing reduces by
25 percent blood levels of nitric oxide metabolites, causing
high blood pressure.

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