Motivating stories of young moms: how to lose weightafter childbirth

Joint sports activities with children, aerobics, home
training on You Tube videos, split meals – what are they doing
молодые мамочки, чтобы стать стройными и подтянутыми after childbirth?
What steps are they taking to achieve their goals, that their
Motivates and how much time it takes. We chatted with
young mothers and found out how they decided on sports feats.

Liana Bulycheva

Liana Bulycheva

My daughter is a year and a half. �”Tok” struck me when I saw
your photos on the half year of my daughter. Of course, I knew that much
recovered after giving birth, but knowing and seeing is
completely different things. I got up on the scales and was very upset – they
showed a terrible figure of 89. This was too much. And I decided that
it’s time to act.

I began to follow the principles of proper healthy eating.
There was practically no sport in my life – except for long
walking with a stroller. But without training, the result was
face. I realized that successful weight loss at 70-80 percent depends
from proper nutrition. For breakfast, I eat complex carbohydrates – in
mostly cereal and grain bread. Be sure to drink two glasses
water. At lunch – protein (meat, fish), approximately 25% of the total portion,
carbohydrates (buckwheat, rice and even potatoes) are also 25% and must
vegetables. Vegetables should be a lot, not less than 50%. I eat protein for dinner
(mostly chicken breast or turkey) with a light vegetable salad.
Most importantly, I cook all the food myself, no
semi-finished products.

During the year I lost almost 20 kilograms, now my weight is

Of course, this is not my ideal weight (I want to lose weight up to 60 kg),
but I’m not going to stop. I believe that I can. And admired
the views of girlfriends once again prove that I am moving in the right

Maria Chashina

Maria Chashina

Previously, I have never had problems with overweight. I weighed
55 kg with height of 168 cm, and everything suited me. And then I went out
married, there were constant worries, stresses. As a result – I
gained as much as 10 kilos. And when my husband and I began to think about
child – my weight was already about 70 kilograms. I did not want to lose weight
my mother was also against diets and said that when she was born
baby, I will start to breastfeed – and the weight will go away.

During the pregnancy, I almost did not recover. When she gave birth
weighed all the same 70 kg. Delighted, but early. Baby care,
endless household chores that I have been overwhelmed by
a lot of sweets – it all played a cruel joke on me. Behind
the first eight months after the birth of the baby, I gained 12 kg.

The last straw for me was the photo of baptism. I didn’t recognize
yourself It was necessary to urgently do something so as not to swim out completely.
fat I rummaged through a lot of sites about losing weight, but nothing worthwhile.
not found. And then I turned to the endocrinologist and donated blood for
hormones. My weight at that time was 82 kilograms.

The test results were normal. The doctor advised me to eat
in small portions, but often – 5-6 times a day. And do not stop
breastfeeding for at least 4 more months. Well, if by the year of the child
my weight does not decrease, you will have to give up the GW and resort to
tougher measures.

Maria says that after visiting the doctor, she
stopped looking for information about losing weight on the Internet, and once she
I came across an article by a nutritionist on fractional nutrition. She is
decided to try.

Behind четыре месяца четкого соблюдения диеты ей удалось похудеть на
20 kilograms, and the weight was 62 kilograms.

Maria continued to eat fractional, and then added to the diet.
Workout programs found in You Tube. She is качала пресс,
caring for skin with wraps and vacuum massage
jars. And gradually she stopped eating fractional and went
just for proper nutrition. In this mode, another six months passed, and
then Maria wanted to lose another 5 kg. To this end, she managed
in just 2 months. Maria says a big part in losing weight.
played a fractional meals and session, which just came at this
period. When the child was a year and eight months old, Maria stopped
breastfeeding and lost another 3 kilograms.

Now my child is already three and a half years old. My weight is no longer
rises, I constantly watch over myself, visit the pool and

Elena Pavlovich

Elena Pavlovich

I am a mother of two children. The eldest son is 6 years old, the youngest daughter is a year and
seven months. After the birth of my first child, I returned to
Pre-pregnant weight pretty quickly, and then I gained not a lot.
The second pregnancy proceeded differently – throughout all 9
months, I was sweet. I scored heavily and with my
normal weight, plus or minus 55 kilograms, I went to the hospital with
weighing 81 kg. I don’t even want to think about it.

Елена рассказывает, что after childbirth лишний вес угнетал, она
fell into depression. The extra pounds did not give her peace. at once
after childbirth она хотела приступить к спортивным тренировкам, но не
was able to do this for medical reasons.

Doctors allowed me to play sports when my daughter turned
half a year And I immediately got down to business. I did aerobics
did exercises with dumbbells, trained on stepper. Sport
had no effect on lactation, and I continued to breastfeed my daughter
up to a year and a month.

Behind три месяца тренировок я полностью вернулась к своему
familiar weight. But even after that I did not abandon the training. I
I go in for sports for over a year, I have absolutely no excess
weight, and the figure has acquired a beautiful taut shape. No way
I will quit training!

Maria Ushakova

Maria Ushakova

My sons are the same age. The eldest is three years old, the youngest is two.
Behindдумываться о похудении начала через несколько месяцев после
second birth. I начала заниматься спортом дома, вместе с детьми.
The boys took it as a game, but for me it was the only
the ability to restore its former form.

I noticed the first results in less than a month. Husband,
By the way, noticed too! Behind четыре месяца активных занятий мне удалось
get rid of 10 extra pounds. I стала выглядеть даже лучше,
than before the first birth. I и сейчас не прекращаю заниматься, и моя
the figure only benefits from this.

Maria does not go to the gym, is engaged at home. She is выполняет
the most elementary exercises: squats, jumping with a rope,
lunges, swinging arms and legs, pushups and abdominal exercises.
Mary argues that this is nothing complicated, the main thing only
to want

A significant role in the process of losing weight and proper nutrition. I
the time when I was actively struggling with being overweight, I met
with many people who shared their experiences with me and gave
valuable advice. Now I began to think about becoming
fitness trainer. I want to help mothers on maternity leave
yourself in order.

I не считаю, что рождение детей испортило мою фигуру. On the contrary
it was they who – my sons – helped me bring my body into
perfect shape.


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