Motherwort during pregnancy: how to take a drug?


  1. When and why is motherwort prescribed?
    1. Tincture, tablets or dried herb
  2. When is motherwort dangerous for pregnant women?

Imagine a perfect pregnancy: nothing hurts, no toxicosis, nerves are in order, expectant mother radiates happiness. And now immediately forget: this does not happen! Something somewhere is required will be out of order. While carrying a child, women tremble relate to their health, looking for (and often finding) the slightest malfunctions in the body. The logical result is increased anxiety, which must be addressed first. But how to do this if most drugs are banned? For help herbal preparations come. They are also not always safe, but still have fewer contraindications and side effects action. As a sedative, pregnant women often appoint motherwort, and in tablets or dried grass for brewing, not alcohol tincture. He is a little safer valerian, but not recommended at low pressure, but in large doses can be dangerous for expectant mothers.

When and why is motherwort prescribed?

The biggest problem with medicinal herbs is the complete the absence of any scientific evidence of their clinical trials. For centuries, people have become accustomed to believe in the power of herbs, but no official statistics on the dangers or benefits of folk remedies are not exist. Therefore, only the motherwort can recommend gynecologist observing pregnancy. It builds on results examination and laboratory tests, sees the dynamics of the development of the fetus and the condition of the woman.


The list of problems in which the doctor may prescribe an appointment motherwort:

  • increased pressure or its jumps;
  • anxiety, irritability;
  • insomnia, various fears;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • heartburn, nausea, stomach cramps;
  • to reduce the tone of the uterus (in the later stages).

Herbal preparation improves blood circulation, has a good effect on heart rate. This leads to an increase in blood volume, passing through the heart, and lowering pressure.

Attention! Motherwort renders a mild sedative and sleeping pill act. You can not combine taking pills or infusion with work, requiring attention and quick response (driving a car, working with mechanisms).

In the early stages of pregnancy motherwort is prescribed not only as sedative. It normalizes intestinal function, relieves bloating and cramping, prevents nausea, heartburn, heaviness in the stomach.

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In the last months of pregnancy, taking motherwort tablets you need to be especially careful. The drug relaxes smooth uterine muscles, therefore, in reasonable doses, it helps to calm nerves before childbirth and relieve an increased tone of the uterus (only for doctor’s prescription!).


In the middle or in the last months of pregnancy motherwort used in case of difficulty breathing (physical activity) and with tachycardia. But before the appointment you need to do an electrocardiogram to rule out other causes.

Important! Uncontrolled use of motherwort during pregnancy not allowed. It stimulates the smooth muscles of the uterus, which may provoke a miscarriage at the beginning of pregnancy.

Tincture, tablets or dried herb

Motherwort is released in the form of tablets, alcohol infusions or herbal teas. Expectant mothers are better suited means not containing alcohol. Motherwort Extract Pills During Pregnancy suitable better than other dosage forms. May represent danger only an individual reaction to ancillary substances included in the drug:

  • microcrystalline cellulose (dietary fiber);
  • powdered sugar;
  • potato starch;
  • calcium stearate;
  • colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • povidone.

Alcohol tincture of motherwort is prescribed to pregnant women seldom. It is taken with plenty of water, alcohol as such it turns out very little, but why the expectant mother even an extra drop alcohol? Moreover, the tincture is easy to replace with herbal infusion or capsules.


Dry grass can be purchased at the pharmacy in its pure form or from composition of soothing tea. From it make decoctions or add to hot drinks. The main problem is that it’s difficult to keep accurate dosage. In addition, the chemical composition of grass varies greatly in depending on the area of ​​growth. The same dose may contain a different amount of active substances. There is a risk that she will be insufficient or redundant (both options are bad).

Important! The sedative effect of motherwort appears only to the end of the third week from the start of the course. Do not expect immediate result and get upset without waiting for a miracle.

For a pregnant woman, the exact dosage of motherwort is determined by the doctor in depending on the purpose of treatment and the state of health of the woman. Not take risks by assigning yourself this or that option the drug. Given the length of the course, a mistake can be expensive cost.

When is motherwort dangerous for pregnant women?

Expectant mothers often have low blood pressure or slow heartbeat. In such situations, use motherwort or drugs with it can not even relieve anxiety or nervous excitement.

Also, caution should be taken with drugs with motherwort:

  • people with low thyroid hormone levels;
  • in acute or chronic heart failure;
  • in acute form of peptic ulcer;
  • while taking medications that depress the nervous system (sedatives, tranquilizers, sleeping pills).

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During pregnancy motherwort itself is harmless, it can be drink at doses recommended by your doctor without harm to kid. The ban on drugs with this plant is explained lack of clinical trials, official statistics and individual intolerance (allergic reaction) as to itself motherwort, and the excipients that make up pills.

Each organism is individual. You can not rely on the advice of friends or friends on the dosage and duration of taking the tablets or sedative fees. The decisive word always remains with an observing gynecologist who knows the state of health of the future Moms

Important! Decide how long and in what doses a pregnant woman can drink motherwort, can only be a doctor.

motherwort pregnantIt should be borne in mind that an overdose motherwort is fraught with:

  • disorders in the central nervous system (drowsiness, dizziness);
  • indigestion: heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, vomiting;
  • swelling, irritation and itching on the skin with allergies.

One of the most important recommendations for expectant mothers is calm, just calm. Strong nerves and a healthy sleep will help you survive difficult pregnancy is not worse than drugs. But if anxiety insomnia, exhausted, and no strength to cope with nerves yourself, then a “green pharmacy” will come to the rescue. Perhaps, the only serious drawback of herbal preparations is long course treatment. After a few pills, you can’t expect all the problems. will disappear. It will take at least two weeks, and maybe more, to the emergence of a sustainable result. If mom’s health status (and gynecologist!) allows, then motherwort – one of the safest sedatives during pregnancy.

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