Mother’s story: I do not want more children

I’m not mistaken if I say that many women of childbearing age
worried about the problem of the number of children in the family. I want to share
life experiences about pregnancy, which does not always come in
as a result of unprotected sex, ends in childbirth, and
with your thoughts about why two children are enough for me.

Why do I have two children?

I remember myself as a kindergarten girl, my first
�The “groom” of four-year-old Romka, with whom the details were intensely discussed
life together. In children’s dreams there was a spacious house and a lot
children Then I grew up. Grooms changed, but the dream remained
until a certain age, until I realized that I stumbled upon
a lot of obstacles that life adjusts children’s fantasies.

я не хочу больше детей

Get pregnant is not immediately

�”Inflate the wind” and “get pregnant from sight” – in these fables
I believe when you are no more than 20. But as soon as the process begins
family planning, so there are obstacles: then health
pumped up, the tests are bad, or even just some kind of indifference
is coming. But even with good health often
get pregnant at will does not work. Then sex ceases to be
pleasure, and turns into an obsession to become a mother. it
accompanied by the calculation of the day and hour, internal searches
desirable sensations, and then terrible disappointment when it comes
menstruation. I had to go through it personally. Dream to give birth to the second
the child turned into many unsuccessful attempts and treatment.

Difficulties of subsequent pregnancies

During my first pregnancy, everything went as expected.
The test showed 2 strips, and I began to count 36 weeks to
the desired event – the birth of a baby. At this time, took
vitamins, tried to eat right, visited every 14 days
the doctor, handed over the necessary tests and thought how to call her
child. Childbirth took place almost at the appropriate time.

7 years have passed, and I decided on my second child. But now everything
it was different. Initially, the so-called biochemical
pregnancy, almost imperceptibly interrupted at a very early
term and not noticed by many women. However, this does not apply to
for those who carefully follow the cycle because they want to give birth
baby When this pregnancy is terminated, the grief of women
No limit. They worry and cry as if they lost a real one.
the fruit, not 2 cells, just merged with each other.


I experienced the same condition.

A month later, my joy knew no bounds: the real came
pregnancy with a fixed fetus. 9 months later
there was a long-awaited girl. However, the dream of having many children is not
left me. And I decided on the third child when my
daughter was one year old.

Pregnancy often does not end in childbirth

When I went to the ultrasound, a specialist told me that the fetus froze
month ago. There was no limit to my despair. After all, this whole month I
stroking her belly, talking to the future baby, wondering who
will be born. And his heart is no longer beating. Tears flowed from my eyes.
She asked the doctor about the reason, chiding at her middle age. But
the doctor told me that this happens now with both 19-year-olds and
in general, almost 30% of pregnancies end there. Is to blame
in all ecology. The gynecologist advised me to undergo treatment for
half a year and again try to get pregnant.

After being discharged from the hospital, she quickly recovered.
Rehabilitation by home mode and my children was successful.
After 3 months, the thought about the child crept into my head again. Through
the same time I saw 2 strips on the test. Six month
The pregnancy ended with disclosure in the 21st week and sepsis.
The chances of keeping the baby already living in me were zero. Doctors
fought for my life, diagnosed “ICN”. In the perinatal
I was told at the center that the doctors were guilty for not having been sewn up for 2 months

Why do I have two children?

it не приговор, если бы мечта оставалась мечтой. But, парадокс,
едва моей дочурке стукнуло 2 годика, появилась жгучая
need to go to work. I got bored reading fairy tales playing with
daughter dolls, running after her while walking around the playground. To me
conversations about children with other mummies have become uninteresting.

Maybe someone thinks I’m a bad mother, but I
I wanted to spend at least some time on myself, to feel the moments
solitude from others, make a career, although it is believed that she and
children are incompatible concepts.

To me не хочется зашиваться в 14 недель, лежать всю беременность с
raised legs, afraid to even cough. And I do not want
worry about children without me when I go to the hospital on

I don’t want to lie at all, I want to live and enjoy life and
воспитывать подросших children I realized that I want to move,
enjoy a full life, deal with growing children,
asking and aware of requests.

Many children – many nerves

Дети  — это здорово! I love them, but I understand that my
maturing daughter and son require more and more attention. The older
becomes my daughter, the more time you need to give her. And still
the son demands attention, and in his ten the first are already looking through
signs of adolescence. I’m still coping, but in the head
the thought often comes: “Would I have done it if there were three of them?”
Probably yes … Or maybe not, and this is not given to me for nothing … In any
case, there is no desire to experiment.

Sometimes I dream that I’m pregnant. Then wake up at
cold sweat, feel your belly and sigh with relief, it’s all
behind and no longer needed!

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