Mother’s school: New year with a child – ideas of games andentertainment

New Year is considered to be one of the most beloved holidays among
adults and children. Thanks to him, we have the opportunity to introduce
life is a little magic and fairy tale. Let’s get together today
Christmas tree, read the magic book, choose gifts, prepare
unusual treat and will do everything to this New Year has become
an unforgettable holiday in the life of the baby. How to holiday
get ready, so spend it. And if the adults for the New Year
enough champagne and Olivier, then the children are waiting for this miracle. And in
our power to give them this miracle.

Turning the New Year into a fairy tale is the power of every mother. To make
so that the magic lasted not only on the night of the 31st to the 1st, but
all December and even January – this is also quite doable

Watch our video and you will find out …

  • perfect dessert for New Year’s table
  • Why do I need an adventure calendar for a child?
  • What books will help create a festive atmosphere?
  • How to deal with the child’s regime on New Year’s Eve?
  • are there any secrets of the perfect family photo shoot for the New Year
    (perfect Christmas shot, all the secrets of the photographer)?
  • how to make the best gift for your grandmother
  • and what to give a child who has everything?

Let this holiday remain in the memory of a child with bright fireworks
of emotions!

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