Mother and stepmother: medicinal properties,contraindications, uses, side effects

Update: October 2018

Coltsfoot (in the description of the composition of dosage forms can
meet the Latin name Tussilágo) refers to the monotype
genus of herbaceous perennial plants from the Astro family.

Blooms yellow flowers located on low flowering
shoots, even before the blooming of wide leaves, smooth with one
surface and rough on the other. Blooming season – early spring

Flowers and leaves have healing properties. From vegetable
raw materials are obtained concentrated extract, and also used in
dried and fresh.

It grows on the territory of Eurasia, Eastern Siberia, Northern
Africa and North America, in the mountainous terrain of Central Asia and
Southern Siberia. Favorite places – sites free from turf, near
reservoirs, meadows, glades, along the roads.

Chemical composition of the plant

The active chemical composition determines the medicinal properties


  • Caratinoids;
  • Tussilagin;
  • Sitosterol;
  • Gallic, tartaric and malic acids;
  • Tannins;
  • Dextrin;
  • Mucus;
  • Mnulin;
  • Flavonoids;
  • Vitamin C.


  • Triterpene alcohols;
  • Phytosterol;
  • Firadiol;
  • Arnidol;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • Carotenoid Taraxanthin;
  • Stigmasterine;
  • Rutin;
  • Sitosterol;
  • Heptacosan;
  • Tannins.

Healing properties of mother and stepmother

  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Expectorant and thinning action
  • Sweating effect to reduce the temperature
  • Antispasmodic effect – relieves spasm of smooth muscles of the internal
  • Enveloping and regenerating effect
  • Antihypertensive effect
  • Lipid-lowering effect
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial action.

Indications for use

Raw materials and grass coltsfoot, whose properties have long been studied,
used as adjuvant therapies for
treatment of the following groups of diseases:

  • Воспалительные болезни bodies дыхания: бронхит, фарингит,
    angina, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma.
  • Acute respiratory infections of viral nature, including
  • Diseases of the gallbladder, liver and biliary tract,
    pathology of the digestive tract, urinary system, stomatitis.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system: ischemic heart disease, hypertension 1-2 st, atherosclerosis,
    inflammation of the superficial veins of the lower extremities.
  • Diseases of the skin and its derivatives: burns, boils, purulent wounds,
    inflammatory rash, erysipelas, diathesis, scrofula, alopecia (prolapse

Coltsfoot treatment


For one tsp. dry flowers take 250 ml of boiling water, pour raw materials and
Cover with lid, let it brew for 10 minutes. Helps with coughing as well
contributes to the dilution of sputum and its excretion. Take twice
100 ml per day.


  • Helps restore the body during
  • Reduces high blood pressure;
  • Reduces cholesterol formation;
  • Помогает снять спазм мускулатуры внутренних bodies при
    cholecystitis, gastritis;
  • Used as a soft expectorant;
  • Helps with sweating feet, armpits, face;
  • Effective in inflammation of veins, wounds, boils, ulcers,
  • Helps to cure inflammations in the throat and

1 tbsp. dry, pre-shredded leaves brew 250
ml of boiling water, insist about 40 minutes, strain. Inside: take by
three tablespoons before meals four times a day. Wipe affected outside
places or make compresses with infusion. When treating throat effective
rinse, and for the treatment of bowel enema make infusion.


1 tbsp. dry raw materials (leaves) pour 250-300 ml of boiling water and
low heat, boil for about 10 minutes, cover and insist
half an hour. Helps with diseases of the respiratory system and
ENT pathology, scrofula, general weakness. Drink one tbsp. before meals
three times a day.

Strong broth

2 tbsp dry raw mother-and-stepmother and dioecious nettle
pour boiling water (300 ml), boil about 10 minutes on low heat,
filter and cool. Effective with oily scalp and
hair loss. Rinse your hair with a decoction
washing up.


A fresh leaf of the plant is ground to a mushy state and on
sterile gauze is applied to the problem area (corns, erysipelas,
inflammatory lesions on the skin, inflamed veins).


1 tbsp. mix dry leaves and flowers with boiling water
200 ml, cover with a towel and breathe over the infusion. Accelerates
recovery from bronchopulmonary pathology. Do not inhale
при повышенной температуре bodies.

Fresh Juice

Effective in the treatment of infectious rhinitis. From fresh leaves
plants squeeze out the juice and bury one or two drops in each
nasal passage 3 times a day. Also juice treat acne,
lubricating the affected skin 3 times a day.


  • Recipe 1. Freshly squeezed plant juice mixed with powdered sugar
    in the ratio of 2: 1. Store in the refrigerator. Helps in the treatment
    pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia. Принимать по 1 tbsp. five times a
    сутки before meals.
  • Recipe 2. Fresh leaves with a layer of 1 cm laid on the bottom
    metal thick-walled enamelware, poured on top
    sugar layer 1 see Layers repeat until the dishes are full.
    Close the lid tight and insist 3 weeks in the cellar or
    the fridge. Leaves and sugar should be a uniform green.
    mass, which is mixed with honey (2: 1 ratio). Apply to
    лечения туберкулезных каверн: по 1 tbsp. трижды в день before meals.

Foot baths

Two handfuls of dry raw mother and stepmother brew boiling water in volume
2 liters, insist 5 minutes and take a bath for 20 minutes without straining
raw material Contribute to the treatment of SARS.

Alcohol infusion

Decoction мать-и-мачехи разбавляют водкой в соотношении 4:1.
Rub the infusion of the skin 3-5 times a day. Indicated for treatment
pustular skin lesions, boils, acne (see how to get rid
for acne).


Dry leaves of the plant are ground into powder, which

  • for ingestion, 1 g three times a day, drink hot
    milk It helps in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory
  • externally: sprinkle the inflamed areas 2-3 times a day.
    Effective in getting rid of diathesis, sweating feet, erysipelas,

Leaf compress

Fresh leaves of the plant are poured with hot cream and give raw materials.

  • Helps prevent mastitis at the first sign of it (in warm
    the form is applied to the mammary gland).
  • Reduces the severity of cough (warm leaves are laid on
    chest, on top of a towel).

Contrasts coltsfoot

Healthy people should not take a coltsfoot for longer than 4-6 weeks.
contract. The medicinal properties of coltsfoot are known to all, and
contraindications few people know. The plant contains pyrrolizidinovye
alkaloids (toxicity is not fully understood), therefore
contraindicated in:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Severe liver disease;
  • Individual intolerance.

In Germany, restrictions on the sale of mother and stepmother after
one case of misuse of this plant. Nursing
mother used tea with her mother and stepmother, which led to the death of the baby
from liver damage.

Side effects

Today, many are turning to traditional methods of treatment without
prior treatment with a doctor, examination, installation of accurate
diagnosis and consider if taking a medicinal plant, then
it is safe and has no side effects. it
delusion Folk remedies are not subject to modern
research, there is no reliable information about the dangers and benefits of the mother and
stepmothers and other medicinal herbs.

Any medicinal plant has a complex composition, and most
of them contain microdoses of toxic, toxic compounds affecting
on the liver and having carcinogenic properties (see carcinogens and
oncology). In case of overdose or prolonged use of such
means may develop slow poisoning of the body.

So, the coltsfoot is considered a relatively safe plant,
however, it can only be consumed in small quantities,
short course, because the cumulative effect can provoke
growth of malignant tumors. In case of overdose or prolonged
The following symptoms and side effects are possible:

  • nausea, vomiting
  • stomach ache

Harvesting and storage

  • Leaves and flowers are collected separately.
  • The leaves are suitable for harvesting in early June. Most valuable
    leaves are of medium ripeness (young and overripe ones are not plucked
    worth it). They are dried in the shade, in a ventilated place, laid out on paper
    or fabric in 1 layer.
  • Flowers, or rather yellow baskets without a stalk are collected in
    April-May, dried as well as the leaves.
  • Store dried raw materials in fabric or paper bags in
    dark dry place. Leaves can be used for 3 years, and flowers – 2
    of the year.

Supplements and phytopreparations with coltsfoot

  • Dry leaves of coltsfoot;
  • Syrup с мать-и-мачехой и подорожником от Эвалар, Натур Продукт,
    Green Doctor;
  • Breast fees №1 and №2;
  • Anti-Cough tablets;
  • Powder в жировых капсулах от Эконики;
  • A variety of herbal teas.
Powder в капсулах
Syrup от кашля с подорожником и мать и мачехой Chest collection Leaves mother and stepmother Powder в капсулах

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