Most popular dolls for girls in 2015year

Contrary to popular belief that modern
children do not play dolls, these toys not only “lived” to our
days, but also have so many different options that parents start at
they are confused. The first doll usually appears in a girl to a year old:
the baby is already starting to play role-playing games, she can rock the doll in
crib or ride in a stroller. The present puppet time is coming
after three, when the child begins to actively explore the sphere
human relationships. At this time, role-playing games go on first
plan and stay there long enough. Plots of games – not only
baby care and domestic affairs. The older the girl, the more
options for games she has: heroine dolls go to work,
do hobbies, meet friends, travel, save the world
and much more. Modern dolls are very different, each of them
in its own way “sets” the plot for the games, so we made a list of the most
популярных кукол для девочек в 2015 year.

1. Interactive Baby Born Doll

Кукла BabyBorn

In appearance, this doll is an ordinary baby doll, but in fact it turns out
very many features and capabilities. Baby Bon “can” laugh,
cry, drink, eat, write and crap. For girls over 3 years old
Such a doll is an interesting and realistic version of a baby doll.

Realistic game adds and props: for this doll
there are special cutlery, baths, diapers,
nipples and other accessories. Girls up to 3 years old will master it all.
difficult, but for an older child, an interactive doll game is not
make problems.

Baby Born was created about 25 years ago, but in Russian
the market they appeared relatively recently. Interactive dolls
sometimes criticized for depriving a child of imagination and fantasy
that they can do a lot: the girl herself had to
think up in the course of the game that the little girl eats or pisses, and now
all this happens in reality. Actually no negative
influence this realism does not carry. The main thing is that the doll be
good quality and performed all their “skills” without problems and

The cost of the original Baby Born doll from 1500 rubles. Than
more “lotions” and accessories has a toy, so it will be

2. Good Moxie dolls

куклы Moxie

The creators of these dolls (American company MGA Entertainment)
inspired by good fairy-tale heroines, such as Snow White,
Rapunzel et al. These dolls have no hint of early sexuality
or defiant appearance: nice girls in modest children
outfits and practically no makeup. This doll is perfect
for a child of 3-7 years. The girl will be able to play with her “on equal terms”, not
feeling backward or underdeveloped compared to
plastic girlfriend.

Delicate images of Moxie dolls are imbued with a fairy tale, magic and
naive childhood dreams. You can buy such a doll for 1000-2000

3. Fairy Dolls Winx (Winx)

Куклы Winx

Such a doll will be especially appreciated by fans of the same-name cartoon series.
about winx. The prototypes of the dolls were not only cartoon wizards, but also
real Hollywood stars such as Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and

Of course, the image of such a doll is no longer a plump little Lyalechka, but
modern teenage girl however this does not mean that the doll
has age restrictions. The Winx heroines themselves are kind and
positive, and their magical skills of girls just fascinate,
so if a child is interested in a cartoon – the doll will have to be very
by the way, even with 3-4 years.

As usual, the quality of the toy should be good, so it’s better
buy a Winx doll made in Italy (Giochi Preziosi) or
Germany (Simba). Стоимость куклы в среднем от 500 rubles.

4. Unusual Monster High Dolls

Куклы Monster High

In appearance, these dolls – a real “evil”: vampire
fangs, ears and horns, strange skin color. They also did not appear themselves
on their own, and after the release of the cartoon about the school in which, together with
ordinary children learn real monsters. Like the cartoon itself, the dolls
Monster High is not meant for babies, suitable age for
such toys – 5-7 years and older. For girls younger
age such a doll can be really scary and
incomprehensible, and older preschoolers tend to invent the opposite
different unknown creatures, fantasize and experiment.

Despite the awesome appearance, the heroines of the cartoon themselves are very
even positive, because they act on the side of good. Each
the heroine has her pet for whom she cares, so
each doll is also complemented by animals.


Monster High is made by Mattel, and there are monster dolls not
менее 600-700 rubles. Depending on related accessories and
дополнений, за такую игрушку можно выложить до 3500 rubles.

5. Fashionistas Bratz (Bratz)

Куклы Bratz

These dolls appeared a little more than 10 years ago and immediately
loved by girls. Despite the unusual appearance and proportions
(big head and fragile torso), Bratz dolls were on the wave
popularity in girls of school age. Compared to Barbie,
such dolls are much closer to girls, because their prototype is not
an adult woman, and a teenager girl.

Preteen age girls tend to be interested
its appearance, follow the fashion, use cosmetics. Exactly
these things are the focus of the Bratz dolls. These pupae are
stylish and fashionable modern girls. Of course, Bratz is a product.
American, not Russian culture, but considering that Western
trends are increasingly penetrating our lives, Russian girls, too, with
interest play these dolls.

Many different accessories and outfits are attached to the dolls, and
If you want to dress up your “girlfriend”, the girl herself can create
own dresses and suits.

Стоимость настоящей куклы Братц порядка 600-3000 rubles.

6. Leggy Barbie

Куклы Barbie

For almost 60 years of existence, Barbie dolls are not out of fashion.
These dolls play for many generations of girls, and the image
leggy blonde for many has become the ideal of beauty. Barbie doll
suitable for older girls, closer to 12-14 years, because her
the image is the image of a young woman. Teenagers are very helpful
�“Try on” the images of adults at least through games, and
Barbie in the plots of games can have a family, work, own home and

There is an opinion that games with Barbie only harm girls: they
become obsessed with their appearance and begin to complex
due to the lack of a model shape. In fact, for teenagers everything
these experiences are characteristic and without any dolls, but the games are the opposite
can help deal with your own body experiences
and appearance. Another thing if Barbie doll will play
a little girl whose scenes of adult life are not at all
close: in this case, the toy can really play a role
in the early sexualization of the child.

Куклу Барби можно купить в пределах 500-600 rubles. Accessories,
clothes and different characters for games will increase the amount to 4000-4500

7. Textile Tilda

куклы Тильда

Both children and adults love these dolls very much. The doll appeared about
16 years ago and immediately won the love and attention of girls and women.
A new image of a rag doll – comfort, simplicity, funny curvaceous forms,
long legs, stylish dresses and hats.

Many craftswomen began to sew dolls themselves, creating them in different
образах: дачница, купальщица и etc. Patterns of dolls can be easily
found on the net, and the design of clothes and image details are the most interesting
coming up with the most. By the way, the Tildes come in all sorts of ways, in
том числе и в образах животных (длинноухие зайцы, котики и etc.).
This doll is suitable for a child of any age, including
the smallest ones: it is soft, eco-friendly, and if added to the packing
aromatic herbs – will also be useful.

If you can’t sew Tilda, you can buy a finished doll in
Handmade department – goods. Ее стоимость около 2000-3000 rubles.

Choose a doll, see prices, read reviews
You can in the online store dolls

или в магазине — Детские
dolls and accessories

Each кукла настраивает на определенные игры, поэтому выбирать
A doll for a girl is needed by age and interests. Exactly нарушение
age qualifications, not dolls themselves, lead to negative
the consequences of which parents and psychologists so often speak. With
choosing the right toy will be useful for the girl, because in games
she can develop the necessary skills, “work out” difficult for
yourself situations and learn to understand modern life with its

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