Mortality from colorectal cancer decreases withoverweight patient

Update: February 2019

Specialists from the American research center “Kaiser
Permanente found an interesting and paradoxical dependence.
Patients suffering from colorectal cancer, but having
overweight, have increased survival, approximately
55% higher compared to their thin comrades. In this way,
to beat cancer, you need to gain extra pounds.

In the US, colorectal cancer ranks second in terms of
mortality, regardless of gender person. In this high
body mass index contributes to the development of this disease, but
if you got it and have obesity, then the chance to stay alive
much higher. This is the so-called “obesity paradox”.


Scientists have conducted a grandiose study and studied 3408 records
electronic medical records of patients suffering from various
degrees of colorectal cancer from 2006 to 2011.

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study time data were studied regarding the weight of patients before,
during and after diagnosis. They also calculated
the probability of death from the disease depending on body weight during
making a diagnosis and 15 months later. Then the results were
corrected based on data: demographic factors
socio-economic conditions, the severity and form of the disease,

As a result of the study it was found: patients with an index
28-30 (overweight) body weights were likely to die due to
diseases are 48-55% lower than those with lower rates
norm or located at the border station. People who have
significant body mass index (over 35), have elevated levels
mortality. Scientists have not figured out why this is happening, for
This requires additional research.

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