Montessori methods with their own hands: organizehome development environment

The technique of Maria Montessori is deservedly used
very popular among parents. Confirmation of this is
A large number of specialized kindergartens and schools. If moms and
dads are not able to send a child to such a kindergarten, but there is
the desire to educate him with the help of Montessori pedagogy can
organize the development environment at home. Today we will tell
how best to do it.

Detailed article on the technique of Maria Montessori
 Методика Марии Montessori: основные принципы,
advantages and disadvantages

монтессори дома

Make a reservation that the home montessori class is designed for children.
from three years. Basic principles and ideas of the classical method
Montessori can be implemented only from this age. Exactly
a three-year-old child begins to realize his own
independence, and adults should not indicate, but gently help
its development. Отсюда и знаменитый лозунг: «Помоги мне это
do it yourself!”

We divide a children’s room into zones

1. Практическая
a life

Here you should collect materials that help the development of
self-service children skills – buttoning, knotting
shoelaces, cleaning clothes and shoes, washing dishes. In a classic set

  • frames with different types of fasteners (lacing, buttons,
    sticky tape);
  • dishes;
  • brushes, pots, clothes pegs;
  • jars for transfer and transfusion;
  • cleaning kits – sponge, dustpan and broom.

The list of things, as we see, is simple and uncomplicated. In the usual
the hardware store you can buy almost everything except frames with
clasps. You can do them yourself – there are many schemes on the Internet for
manufacturing. Ну вот как пример рамки (эта развивающая доска
называется бизиборд, и как ее сделать самому
читаем тут


2. Sensory development

The benefits in this area help the kids get to know the main
properties of objects: color, shape, weight, sounds, smells and
temperature You may have the following in your home

  • matryoshka, pyramid;
  • sachets (pads with flavored fillers);
  • beads, lego parts, buttons that differ in shape and
  • pieces of fabric (silk, satin, knitwear, etc.);
  • colored cardboard of various shades;
  • noise jars filled with grits, salt;
  • bottles of various sizes;
  • magic bags with small trinkets.

3. Mathematical zone

Exercises and subjects in this area are designed to form
children have knowledge about numbers, about basic operations – addition,
subtraction. We prepare the following materials:

  • rough numbers;
  • wooden or plastic abacus;
  • plank or carton with the simplest math
  • counting sticks;
  • large beads or chips;
  • lotto with numbers.

4. Language area

This should include materials that show the shape and type
writing letters of the Russian language. These items will help children learn
write and read. So, post here:

  • box office letters and syllables;
  • sets of capital and block letters;
  • rough letters;
  • children’s literature, for example, from the My First
    books “;
  • box with manka for training fingers (compress and unclench
    cams with barley; fingertip paint wavy first
    lines, circles, and then letters);
  • the pencils;
  • cards with words, lotto, domino for speech development.

5. Space Zone

In this zone are the items responsible for the formation
ideas of the child about our world, nature. You can help
children, providing the following materials:

  • geographic Maps;
  • Children’s encyclopedias about animals, plants, stars,
    the person;
  • books about nature;
  • a set of stones (river pebbles, beautiful pebbles that can
    bring from trips to the lake and the sea);
  • seashells;
  • figures and pictures of wild and domestic animals.

Create a Montessori environment at home – a few concrete steps.

For lessons on the methodology, it is necessary to divide the nursery so that
the baby could easily find and retrieve the necessary item without your
instructions. For this you need to put every allowance on the right
place, thereby dividing the room and providing zoning

  1. Сортировка. Disassemble all the toys and
    sort them according to their purpose – to improve small
    motor skills, sensations, speech, math skills, etc. After
    this sort you will see which materials a lot, and what –
    too little.
  2. Equipment zones. You need so
    place benefits so that they are always accessible to children.
    The best option – shelves or plastic shelves for the growth of the baby.
    However, do not forget about safety rules – with small
    items that a child can swallow should be played under
    your control.
  3. Picking. Certainly materials
    take a lot. You can purchase ready-made benefits (this
    quite expensive), pick up analogues in hardware stores or
    make by yourself.

Photo examples of rooms equipped according to the method

монтессори в домашних условиях-3

монтессори в домашних условиях-2

монтессори в домашних условиях

Montessori materials do it yourself

Making developmental benefits at home is not
a lot of time saves significant amounts of money because
made of improvised or even unnecessary materials. Here is Total
just a few simple options.

  • Коробочка с тканями. Pick up two scraps
    different in texture of fabrics. Put them in the box
    demonstrating and letting touch the child. The purpose of the job – to the touch
    get out of the box the same rags.
  • Magic bag. Sew a small pouch
    put there 10 familiar small items to your baby and ask
    closed eyes determine that he pulls out of tactile
    pouch. Another variant of the task – offer to get a certain
    thing: spoon, button, keg from lotto.
  • Fragrant sachet. Make a sachet with filling of
    pharmacy herbs, dried orange peel, coffee grains. For
    pads fit children’s cotton socks. Teach kids
    recognize and recognize different flavors.
  • Covers. Take six different largest and
    the volume of jars with lids. Open the caps and put all
    items in one large capacity. Let the children pick each
    jar appropriate cover.
  • Rough letters. Print the alphabet –
    vowels on red paper and consonants on blue. Glue them
    on a thick cardboard and place under the press. On the contour coat with glue
    PVA, sprinkle on top semolina, and then dry. After высыхания
    apply another layer of PVA to secure the decoy. According to the same scheme
    You can make rough numbers.

So you’ve done zoning the room and creating
home developing environment but don’t dwell on
achieved Be sure to purchase literature for parents in
which are described in detail specific exercises according to the method
Montessori: «Гениев учат с рождения. Montessori system
at home ”,“ Practical Montessori Pedagogy: a book for
teachers and parents “, a book from the series” Home School


Полезная книга вам в помощь — 60 занятий с
child by the method of montessori

And one more important note. Catching up with the kid
at home, do not forget, children should move on to a new task, only
completing the previous one and returning the work material to your
a place!

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