Mom’s personal space: 7 rules forpsychological comfort

All people need a personal space. It is such
the zone in which the person is left to himself can calmly
engage in a hobby or just think about something. Desire to spend
for some time alone is not equal to the desire
shut out from others. According to experts, such
need helps to keep balance, to feel
psychological comfort and become happier.

Each person sets his own boundaries of personal space.
It depends on the character, temperament, lifestyle. If in
personal space is constantly invading, it causes
psychological discomfort and neurosis, followed by stretching
more serious health problems.
By conviction
scientists, violation of personal space can even shorten the life

A young mother is constantly with the child, adjusting her
schedule under the regime of infants. Often, without feeling support and help
loved ones, the woman simply dissolves in the needs of the children and loses
yourself At the same time, mother, like all other people, is vital
it is necessary from time to time to be alone with herself to
restore emotional background.

How mom organize your personal space

Личное space мамы


There are several rules that are worth adopting each

  1. Appreciate your personal space. You need
    realize that you need it. Even if you sleep with
    child, it is not necessary to deprive yourself of intimate relationships
    with spouse. This is the choice of adults.
  2. You must have personal items that no one else
    can’t touch.
    Never under any circumstances.
    Even the baby needs to be explained that this is mom’s makeup. She should not
    become part of the child’s life because it’s part of your
    of life.
  3. When a baby gets older, he must realize that in
    In some situations, the mother can not be distracted.
    Neither dad nor
    grandmother, no one at all. This is only mom’s time: whatever they are
    did, she has that right.
  4. Learn to respect your personal space.
    If he doesn’t want to hug now, don’t force him
    him to do it. If he is very expensive some kind of toy, by no means
    If you don’t throw it away, even if you think it’s old and
  5. Explore your inner world. Ask
    yourself from time to time about whether you are doing what is really
    want to. If not, be sure to find a way and time to implement
    desired. Defend your interests in the family. It is very important.
  6. Do not introduce corporal punishment for the child and not
    use force against other family members.
    will destroy the child’s sense of security, and in the future he will become
    treat yourself as a person whose value is very conditional.
    His personal space will be destroyed in a barbaric way.
    So, is it possible? So the child will start thinking that it’s quite
    you can slap your mom or bite your brother.
  7. Take help and don’t let yourself think that you are
    she did not deserve it.
    If grandma wants to babysit with
    baby, let her have it. She herself will enjoy
    communicating with the grandson. Ask your husband to run to the supermarket after work.
    and buy stuffing for his favorite cutlets. And remember how nice
    give yourself at least 15 minutes before bedtime to make a mask or
    apply scrub. Enjoy these procedures, do everything without

There is even such a joke. Children knock on the kitchen door, where
Mom closed and asked: “What are you doing there?”. Meanwhile
she drinks tea with cakes and says: “Children, I make you a kind

A contented and happy mother is the key to a comfortable atmosphere in
family. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure of sometimes being in
alone and relax over a delicious tea with cakes.

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