Moms note: 10 bad habits, fromwhich should get rid

I want to think that I am a good example for
role models for their babies. But I also understand that I admit
enough mistakes in their education. I am clearly aware of this and not
I hide. In general, I can be called a good mother, but, like u
other moms, I have some punctures.

вредные привычки мам

Many people think that daily bad habits (and we are not about
smoking and especially about alcohol) is an integral part of life.
I allow myself to disagree. Because “health”
refers not only to the physical condition of the body, but also to the spiritual,
it is also about the state of mind, which is equally important. And bad habits
adversely affect the work of the organism as a whole.

Children tend to take an example from their parents. To this
An example was worthy, mothers need to get rid of bad habits.
I want to draw your attention to the 10 most common and
negatively affecting the upbringing of children.

1. The habit of self-criticism

I said quite a lot of times with children that I looked bad
and do not like myself. And I am ashamed of these words. What the children hear
how their mother derogatory comments about her appearance or
deeds, will not give them self-confidence. Any child
must be confident in his mother, but how to be confident in her,
if she herself is not sure. I want my babies to equal
on me. Therefore, I will try to speak only good things about myself,
without any criticism.

2. The habit of worrying too much and
get annoyed

I am a real alarmist. Of course, not all moms are like me, but I
знаю многих, похожих on me. Habit of constantly worrying
worrying without reason and driving oneself into stress is very exhausting.
Our irritation and concern are reflected in children (children
feel our constant voltage very finely), and on
spouse. As a result, the family reigns uncomfortable, tense

3. The habit of haste everywhere and in everything

Every day, moms face many challenges. And do all
they try non-stop, without rest breaks. It seems so
you can catch everything, and even more. But, in fact, do not
manages and half of the planned. From what I am constantly
I hustle and hurry, my children and my husband suffer. I’m upset that
no one does what I ask or either does it too
slow. Instead of supporting our family ship on
afloat, the family just wants to escape from it. In the end i
I get upset and start to conflict with everyone. Mom should
to teach children not how to live in vanity, but to show by example,
that priority should be quick and measured.

4. The habit of depending on the opinion

I am constantly afraid of condemnation: from the husband, parents,
friends and even unfamiliar people (from the teachers of our children,
pediatrician, mummies next door). Whatever the cause of concern
so it should not be! I want my children to know that their mother
There is an opinion, and she is 100% sure of what she is doing. Even
if my thoughts and actions cause criticism and slanting eyes
surrounding. Since childhood, mother must teach her children.
ignore side glances or words of disapproval. Otherwise
case, the child all his life will do only what others want
to people.

5. The habit of eating as it should


I have a special relationship with food. I think long and
when I should eat so that the numbers on the scales are not frightening,
and then I can break off and finish off the leftover dinner that was
cooked for the whole family. Mom should not do that! Nutrition
must be healthy and balanced.

Moms often convince children to eat well and
make for this maximum effort. However, for some reason
doing the opposite, and children perceive such behavior as “Good
only children should eat! ” As a result, when they grow up,
then, just like mom, they begin to interrupt themselves with sandwiches and

6. Habit to charge yourself too much

The ability to say “no” is important for everyone! We have to learn
such a response to requests not to allow others to sit down with us
on the neck.

7. Habit to put your interests on the last
a place

When I do not take care of myself and do not rest, I am not the only one who suffers
the whole family suffers. Every mom should have time for
rest and care for yourself. If this moment is neglected, suffer
will be the whole family. Rested mom communicates with her loved ones more
calm and friendly. And do not feel guilty,
когда вы пытаетесь уделить неlot внимания себе.

8. The habit of letting yourself be offended / caulk

Я постоянно учу своих детей, что нужно уметь постоять за myself, а
сама не могу произнести ни слова перед обидчиком, и сама же
I shut up instantly as soon as it gets to the point. Why i am so
do ?. Such my behavior looks strange and confronts
children in an unpleasant situation. And I have to show them
пример того, как можно вежливо, но твердо ставить обидчиков на
a place.

9. Привычка сравнивать myself с by others
by people

This habit does not make me better, but causes envy by
отношению к другим to people. If mom wants to grow
self-sufficient children, they should not be allowed to hear from
нее какие-либо сравнения myself с by others. This and children teaches envy.
Also moms kids, who like to compare, will never understand that
a person will be successful only when he stops wanting
what someone has. Dreams come true if it’s just your dreams.
Если и сравнивать myself с кем-то, то с самой собой в прошлом.

10. The habit of neglecting care

Your relationship with your spouse is the foundation on which your children
will build their own relationships. It happens in
most cases. Your children’s own family relationships in
future will be based on the relationship that develops between
you and your spouse. In adulthood, children begin to copy
family style of their parents. That’s why your husband should
treat his wife as I would like his daughter’s husband
treated her.

So, I have noted 10 bad habits in myself and I start with
fight them. I have work to do to be good
an example for your children. Try not to miss that moment when
you can still change and show them not in words but in your
an example of what kind of person you need to be. Remember, it does not depend on you
only the present, but also the future of your children! Start better
listen and treat yourself – and become an exemplary mom
together with me!

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