Mom’s experience: how we coped with the sleep crisis fora week

What if the child suddenly stops falling asleep and
actively protesting bedding? How we fought
sleep crisis and defeated him.

My son was a year and a half, and about the problems with sleep we have long
forgot. Anton quickly fell asleep, slept soundly all night in his
bed, and in the daytime, running up and getting tired, he could calmly go to the
yourself in the room and go to bed. But at one moment everything changed dramatically:
we had a “sleep crisis”. The regime that we have established during
long months, began to falter.

кризис сна у детей после года

It all started with the fact that my son, who usually woke up at 9
o’clock in the morning, suddenly began to get up at 6. He came to our house with
my husband’s room, climbed to my side and tossed for a long time,
trying to sleep a little more. But it was impossible to fall asleep, and we both
– sleepy and unhappy – got up and went to the kitchen to cook

When it happened the first time, I hoped that he had
go to bed during the day, but this did not happen. Anton rubbed his eyes, but
did not fit to sleep. He seemed ready to do all that
please, just not to sleep: I asked him to cover him with a blanket, open him,
change clothes from pajamas to a T-shirt, take pens, pour compotes,
open the curtains, close the curtains and so on to infinity. In the end he
I became nervous, started waving my hands and even slapping my face.
This we have not had! My patience is exhausted, and I left
rooms Anton got a real tantrum, he ran out after
I roared for a while and fell asleep on my bed.

While Anton, exhausted by tears and cries, was asleep, I (by the way, also
terribly exhausted) tried to calm down herself and climbed into the Internet.
Having read articles on children’s sites, I realized that everything
what happens to my child has a specific name – sleep crisis
1.five years.

Causes of Sleep Crisis

My psychologist friend told me about the causes of the sleep crisis. AT
the age of 1.five – 2 years old children begin to feel their own
needs, and they are usually very different from what they want
moms. Yes, you never know what she wants – I said I will not sleep, it means not
I will, and it does not matter that I used to sleep at this time! And if she will
insist – take and hit, at the same time and check the boundaries


The situation is aggravated by undeveloped speech. AT таком возрасте дети
usually not very well spoken. Baby is fine
explained by gestures, but he knows very few words. It happens that I
I do not understand him, and then he begins to get angry.

At about the same time, a growth may occur in a child.
Over the past six months, Anton’s growth has hardly changed, and over the past
a couple of weeks he grew by as much as five centimeters and substantially
gained weight. He has more strength, and according to the psychologist
this is what caused this behavior before bedtime: he just
I did not have time to waste all my energy.

How to deal with the crisis

Specialist advised: before taking up a night’s sleep,
It is necessary to adjust the daily. And we started with the preparation.
About 2 hours before bedtime, we went outside, and our walk
was very active: we were playing ball, catching up, rolling with
slides, made snowballs and played ball again. Then for a few days
struck frosts, and we were active at home: dancing, jumping on
trampoline, engaged on the wall bars. AT первый день за час таких
entertainment I was exhausted in full. But not Anton! When I
practically exhausted fell on the bed, he still jumped for a long time and
could not calm down.

After an hour of activity, it was time for quiet practice.
Half an hour-hour we painted, sculpted from clay, built a tower from
cubes and read books. I saw Anton completely calmed down and
was beginning to rub his eyes, but as soon as I just hint about a dream, like
started hysterical. It also happened that he was capricious, shouted and
protested against laying in half asleep, when the eyes were already
are closed. I could not help it – I could only
endure and stroke him while lying next to him until he finally
fell asleep.

Four days later I noticed the first improvements. We suddenly
reduced time for active games: less than an hour after the start
outdoor games the child himself calmed down and asked him to read
a little book. Just before he went to sleep, he behaved calmly and did not bludgeon anymore.
my face, splashing out unspent energy and aggression. And so,
Finally, he fell asleep: if not in his crib, but next to me, but
but without hysterics.

Улучшения наблюдались каждый день, и уже через a week ребенок
I began to quietly go to my bed as soon as I said it was time
sleep. And he stopped jumping at 6 o’clock in the morning. It seems
the crisis is over.

But even now, after almost a month, I’m afraid to cancel the alternation
activity and calm before bedtime. Just trying
quickly redo all your affairs and devote an hour to games with
child: first moving, and then drawing and reading. No no,
let the thought flicker: what if the crisis just lurked? ..


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