Mom who loves her child but misseson freedom

Hello, dear tired mother. Mom, who has so much to do.
Mom who needs a shoulder. it
fine. You’ll be all right.

Author – Colin Temple

That’s what I think about lately … Motherhood is
constant swings. It happens that children wake up at 5.45 am and you don’t
you know how to survive for the rest of the evening. And you know
All these expressions are beautiful, they say, “you do not have time to blink an eye, as
children will grow up “and so on, but damn it! – you so
tired (Coffee please).

And sometimes, children sleep until half past eight in the morning, and you drink tea in
silence, and you answer the mail, and calmly take a shower, and it seems
that you are the best mother in the world, and the sea is knee-deep. You walk around the house in
excited excitement, anticipating a great day.

it вечные качели: взлеты и падения, радость и отчаяние.

You feel that happiness, then guilt. Tired, but somewhere you take
strength to smile and start a new day.

I just want to say it’s normal to dream of a day when
again you can calmly take a shower without stumbling on
children’s toys in the bathroom, or shaving legs for eight minutes, not
worrying about accidentally leaving scissors on the kitchen table and
your three-year-old, of course, will immediately do something with them.

it нормально (хотя, признаться, порядком надоедает) — когда ты
take a shower and you see children crying, although you know for sure
that the child is sleeping (or someone else is looking after him, or is he on

It’s ok to want to sleep all night, but jump and run in
two o’clock in the morning to crying baby.


Normally – swear to yourself “no more nightly feeds!” And
surrender on the very first night, because it’s easier and you haven’t
I’m sure I’m ready to roll the night feeds right now.

It’s normal to want to paint your lips and decently dress (not in
The first pants that came) not every now and then, but every day. But also
put on your waking up pants first and then walk into them
весь день — тоже fine.

Normal – want to eat right, but not order the most
wholesome ready food when there is no strength to go shopping and

Normally – want the child to stop whining, but at the same time
know that one day you will miss this magical feeling
own need.

Normally – do not rush immediately to do the cleaning when in the house
mess, and instead go for a walk. If you start now, never
get out of the house …

Similarly, it is normal to wash the dishes, do the cleaning and prepare,
while the child is playing with itself. Periodically we all do
the fact that it is necessary, and children need to learn how to occupy themselves
on their own. In addition, cleanliness in the house clarifies the mind (well, although
would be a distant likeness of purity).

Normally – at the same time want to spend time with children and
dreaming about going to the sea without children, imagining how you sip
cocktail on the beach, fingers in the sand and shouting “Hurray, I
free! ”

It is normal to not want to put the baby to bed (the hour of dancing with
tambourine!), but be sad when you still miss every night
fairy tales and kisses due to the fact that you were not at home.

Normally – to miss yourself, what you were before motherhood,
in its independence, which it used to take for granted, but
at the same time, do not imagine yourself living without your child.

It is normal to be not only a mom, but just a man. Have
dreams and goals related to family and children – and their own.

it нормально — быть время от времени уставшей и эмоционально
devastated. And at one of those moments, hear your baby
says, “Mom, you’re the best!”, and feel his palm in
his. And feel with all your heart: everything will be fine.

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