Modern sausages, meat delicaciesdeadly, chicken leads to infertility, pork and beefreduce immunity

Update: February 2019

ATо многих странах мира огромный процент мясных продуктов в
Shops and catering points – this is Trojan food. On
Today there are already many studies confirming that
meat delicacies increase the risk of bowel cancer, beef and
pork weaken the immune system, the chicken leads to infertility.

Даже ATсемирная организация здравоохранения, при всей своей не
sinlessness and passion for silence or the agitation of certain facts
was forced in 2015 to admit that modern meat products
(sausages, deli meats, bacon, sausage) are carcinogenic, not
worse and not weaker than asbestos or arsenic, which lead to oncology
(see how not to die from cancer).

The deterioration in the quality of animal meat is felt even

More recently, scientific centers and surgical departments
transplantologistsи России в условиях дефицита донорских органов
Often used animal material: pigs spleen,
biological prostheses from the heart valves of animals. Such
the practice allowed for hundreds of operations across the country.
Today, alas, this practice is practically suspended. Cause
банальна – некачественный transplantologistsческий материал.

Experts Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery named
Bakulev regretfully note that earlier in the selection of animals
offal from different meat production was rejected order
90% of the material. And the latest fashion trends to pump animals
antibiotics and hormones for more successful and safe growth
made their tissues unsuitable for human transplantation. Operations with
using heart valve bioprostheses
be held.

ATОЗ рекомендует сокращать количество употребляемого мяса, а не
improve its quality …

On сегодня ATОЗ не скрывает, что рак кишечника, занимающий в
in developed countries, second place, second only to breast cancer,
provoked by meat food. However, the next is easy
distortion of the problem. ATОЗ ссылается на исследования китайцев,
who in 2008 published the results of the study,
confirming that intestinal cancer was more commonly reported in children from
wealthy families, in whose diet was dominated by meat.

Neither the Chinese, nor the Europeans, nor the Americans say that
a pure randomized experiment was conducted in at least one
A country in the world in which patients are fed environmentally friendly
products. Just stating the fact of increasing the disease
cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, and this fact is associated in the minds of the general public with
meat consumption.

ATывод, к которому подводят нас специалисты ATОЗ – потребление
meat artificially high. Let’s reduce it and eat
растительными products. But позвольте, скажем мы. ATсем достоверно
it is known that modern tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and greens
(produced in our country, by the way, are basically the same Chinese
agrarians) are filled with nitrates and superphosphate, which also
casts great doubt on their safety (see dangerous
carcinogens are found in cucumbers, tomatoes grown
by the Chinese).

And potatoes and corn around the world are GMO-modified
products. Так не честнее ли ATОЗ было признать, что проблема рака
the intestines are not in meat eating, as the principle of life, but in a disgusting
the quality of meat products.

How much meat do you need to eat?

Достоверно известно, что на изощренном Древнем ATостоке мясной
diet was executed. The death of the condemned came on day 30 of
начала питания одним вареным meat Of course, one can argue about
the quality of the meat and its preparation (maybe there the unfortunate was dying from
banal neuroinfections like botulism, like many raw foodists). But,
suppose the overloaded protein kidneys of the unfortunate without sufficient
drinking regime just gave out acute deficiency. ATероятно.
What doses of meat should we eat to cover our needs and
don’t overdo it?мясная продукция

  • Another two decades ago, scientists recommended us to use
    in food 150 grams of meat.
  • Now suddenly dropped this bar to 45 gr. Why?

The transition to semi-finished products of poor quality meat is not allowed with
terms of oncological vigilance, but also 45 grams
meat ration is able to bring to the state of a pale dumb
almost any healthy Russian.

We offer to look at the problem from the point of view of the banal
iron deficiency anemia, or rather its prevention. Myoglobin
contained in meat (better beef) – an ideal source of iron
for a man. Neither parsley (if it is not a wagon), nor apples (if they are not
centner) can not give a person the daily need for iron in
most digestible form.

AT кишечнике железа может всосаться примерно 2 мг (остальное
you have to get in iron preparations for pregnant women, ladies
during menstruation, for those who have hemorrhoids or gums. AT 100
grams of beef contains 2.8 mg of iron. But всасывается только
20% of iron eaten. From other products and even less (from fish –
9% from plant foods from 1 to 6%). So even 100
a gram of meat per day is not enough to prevent anemia in
A healthy person is a kilogram of at least 80 weights. What to say about 45
ATОЗ-овских граммах.

If we imagine that we can only afford
clean meat? Is it possible to eat it in the quantities
who are we used to? Cold climate in most parts of the territory
Russia makes this protein product not only plastic,
but also in the energetic material.

Why does a person need meat in the diet?

As you know, the consumption of animal protein is one of the mandatory
conditions of normal human growth (see vegetarianism for and

  • The protein deficiency experienced in childhood leads to
    irreplaceable losses in physical and mental development in
  • No vegetarianism can provide a person
    sufficient plastic material for the formation of muscle mass
    or the brain.
  • And for adults, protein starvation turns around pretty
    significant health problems (muscular dystrophy, reduced
    immunity). Отсутствие мяса в рационе приводит к  дефициту
    железа, витамина Д, AT12, кальция, йода, что чревато развитием
    anemia, menstrual disorders, bone problems,
    teeth, thyroid, etc.
  • Its protein can be built from people only from amino acids,
    derived from protein foods, and vegetable pectins are not complete
    and do not incorporate a number of essential amino acids.

If vegetarianism was justified in terms of
human needs, people in poorest countries
Юго-ATосточной Азии не потребляло бы колоссальные количества
insects and their larvae in the absence of other types of meat
food, but would be content with rice and fruit.

It is stimulated meat-eating that stimulates annual growth.
world production of meat and meat products. Last half a century
increased figures of consumption of meat food by the population of the globe

Industrial production of meat products is primarily

The production of sausages and sausages with the loss of mandatory
ГОСТов  превратилось в широкое поле для экспериментов
manufacturers. Of course, profit is the difference between
cost and cost of sales, minus transportation
costs, storage costs, retailers and kickbacks.
Every manufacturer who is not burdened with moral cleanliness or
forced to compete in today’s market, trying to reduce
production costs to a minimum.

AT пору всеобщего дефицита советских времен, нередким явлением
there was a soaking of stale meat or rotten chickens in solution
potassium permanganate. But сегодня это кажется просто детской забавой по
compared with the production of so-called smoked meats with
smoke “flavor” and other tricks of manufacturers and

Additives to meat products

Modern sausages and sausages contain no more than 2-5%
meat. ATместо смеси говядины и свинины с известным процентом
Lever goes unknown that, plentifully mixed with soy protein and
flavored with spices of all colors and styles, among which many
Class E supplements (see emulsifiers provoke the development of colitis
intestinal and Crohn’s disease). Onличие красителей (нитрит натрия),
monosodium glutamate (flavor enhancer) and other delicacies of food chemistry
it’s not so bad. Not only with the abolition of strict regulations on
production, each adds them to the product at its discretion,
often and often perfumes and flavor enhancers are disguised, gently
speaking, mediocre meat product quality.

Synthetic meat

For the production of stews and deli meats can use
and “synthetic meat”. AT лучшем случае натуральное мясо перемешают
with soy protein. But есть и технологии взращивания белка на базе
mold fungi. Such a product is a powder, emulsion or just
thick solution without color and smell, since it is pre
deodorized. Formed from this substrate pieces or cubes
during sintering, they are remotely similar to meat.

Injection as well as carrageenan and polyphosphates in meat

Another innocence from the area of ​​meat delicacies is
shpritsevanie water and selling rotten meat in vinegar marinade. By
Fortunately, it doesn’t affect physical health as much as nerves and
wallet Sometimes the holes are equally spaced each
from each other, well distinguishable to the naked eye. Muscle well
retain water, but when cutting, for example, for kebabs, in a saucepan
besides meat there is a significant amount of extraneous

ATсё это очень досадно, если не сказать резче… Очевидно, что
tap water is used at best and much depends on
the mood of the syringe operator itself. Difficult
imagine that the scammers will care about the quality used
water and buy at their own expense, for example, “Borjomi”. Creativity
scum put on a grand scale and syringe almost the entire meat
the assortment is something that comes into view and contributes
gain additional benefits.

For weight gain use a mixture of water, starch and
carrageenan. К примеру «ATенгерский бекон» до 2011г. was different
adequate price and excellent quality. Gradually Packers
began to add a small amount to the vacuum package
water, which was mainly absorbed by bacon, and was visually
almost invisible in the package, in the form of a few drops.

Literally throughout the year, thieves’ appetite has grown to a level
liquid filling all the bacon in the package. On delicately
the question asked to the seller: “What kind of liquid is it?” was received
confident and outwardly convincing answer for the uninitiated person –
�”This is the sauce.” It is clear that the seller is the most recent link in
fraudulent mechanism and need to dig up.

To increase the weight before freezing can be introduced into the meat and
polyphosphates to increase the amount of water retained
meat After the meat has thawed, the water will drain, and
polyphosphates will remain.

Hormones anabolic and antibiotics

Anabolic hormones are used in agriculture, along with
vaccines and antibiotics. This allows you to protect animals and
poultry from deadly diseases and significantly accelerate their growth.
Such a little trick, reducing the risks of farmers,
increases consumer risk:

  • Antibiotics, lingering in the muscles, persisting in the liver,
    get on the shelves of our stores and safely consumed
    us (see the results of research Rosselkhoznadzor Dairy
    products, pork, chickens – 100% of products found
  • Often, antibiotics are pumped and already cut meat in order to
    it had a longer presentation and did not deteriorate during
  • In addition to direct antibiotics, other drugs are used for this purpose.
    stabilizing the state of the product substances. Meat can be pumped
    stabilizers or soak in formalin, while it
    embalmed no worse than the Egyptian pharaoh and will lie in
    the original form is not something that a couple of days, and maybe a couple of years.

Especially a lot of anabolic steroids are contained in chicken today. AT
mostly in chicken feet. Regular consumption of this product
leads to hormonal disorders (especially in men) and
provokes cancer. Grilled chicken is a separate song. Their most often
before cooking soaked in E 451 (sodium tripolyphosphate, which
not only allowed in the food industry, but also provides
washing powders foaming and helps them break down

For the production of meat in the US today allowed to use six
growth hormone. The story of the female sex hormone
diethylstilbestrol, which chopped animals in the meat rural
household and which caused deformities in the fruits of Americans, nothing
not taught. AT РФ эти гормоны официально запрещены, что совсем не
means there is no meat on our shelves


And a little about pyrotechnics. ATсем без исключения пироманам и
lovers of home fire shows know that ammonium nitrate –
powerful fire hazard oxidizer and fertilizer in combination. But
and it is used in meat production to impart products
trade dress. Moreover, how much to add it to the meat, everyone decides
himself in accordance with the outlook and scope of fantasy.

Imported or domestic?

Most meat products on our shelves are imported.
Only in the markets, but in small stores you can find shop windows,
completely filled with domestic product. So can a panacea –
eat meat from our domestic producers ignoring
import supplies?

Alas, today we are a third world country that is not succeeding.
provide yourself with food. Meat markets are perfect
регулируются сегодня ATТО, куда РФ вступила. Modern Meat
the market is subject to three monopolists from the category of transnational
corporations. Тайсон и Каргилл под юрисдикцией США, СATС имеет
Brazilian registration. But журналистские расследования утверждают,
that Cargill is being patronized by the Rockefeller House, which stands by
истоков ATТО.

AT России находят то свиную чуму, уничтожая поголовье свиней в
whole areas, then avian flu, folding the immature neck
Russian layers. Meanwhile, multinationals
expanding markets for their meat products, finding all new
ways to persuade those who disagree with their meat consumption to purchase

What to do to minimize harmful substances in meat?

  • Do not buy finished meat products – cook at home from
    fresh meat.
  • It is better to refrain from pork, choose beef, lamb,
    turkey, chicken, rabbit, nutria – ideal if you have a friend
  • Avoid eating meat and poultry by-products (kidneys,
  • To minimize the amount of harmful substances in the meat after
    buying it should be soaked in water (add salt or
    lemon juice) for at least 30 minutes (up to several hours) and
    only then cook or freeze.
  • Cook chicken broth only from poultry.
  • When cooking soup, first let the meat (chicken) boil
    5-10 minutes, then drain the water and pour again, already for cooking

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