Modern antifungal drugs withthrush

Update: October 2018

Today, fungal diseases of the nails, mucous membranes
shells, legs, skin and even the respiratory tract, unfortunately, are not
rarity. For the treatment of which various
antifungal drugs. In gynecology, they are used for
vaginal candidiasis. Иными словами при thrush. Candidiasis,
a disease that can be both acute and chronic.
Therefore, its treatment depends on the severity of symptoms.
thrush in women and the duration of the disease. Modern
pharmaceutical industry offers a lot of drugs for
ridding women of this trouble.

If the fungal infection is not significant, not neglected, then
thanks to drugs, you can get rid of thrush
in just a few days. If the disease is chronic, then it is
the process is usually not one day and often requires regular
treatment and systemic drugs of general effect, and
local means – ointments, candles, vaginal tablets,
creams, gels.

In addition, treatment of thrush will be more effective if
the body receives the required amount of minerals, vitamins, if
intestinal microflora is normalized, since often the causes
the occurrence of thrush in women is associated with a general decrease in
immunity and intestinal dysbiosis. Therefore, it should be simultaneously
take vitamin-mineral complexes and probiotics (see
Probiotics – a list of drugs). Learn more about how to treat
thrush in women can be from our articles.

Противогрибковые препараты в гинекологии


Some of the most modern drugs for topical use,
able to suppress the reproduction of the fungus for 1-2 days, during treatment
other drugs require longer use
—  это 3-6 дней.

Among the disadvantages of the use of antifungal drugs in
Gynecology, both local and systemic use is
the development of bacterial vaginosis (see treatment of bacterial
vaginosis and discharge with the smell of fish).

And drugs in capsules and tablets for the reception
inside have a toxic effect on the liver and kidneys, therefore
uncontrolled, independent use of these drugs without
Prescribing a doctor is not advisable.

Antifungal drugs in gynecology for local
of application

  • Залаин — действующее вещество
    сертаконазол — это эффективное противогрибковое средство в
    свечах, производное бензотиофена и имидазола.
  • Antifungol, Candizol, Clotrimazole, Yenamazole 100,
    Кандибене, Канестен, 
    Кандид В6
    –  это вагинальные свечи, крема с действующим вещество
  • Ирунин — итраконазол
  • Флуомизин — деквалиния хлорид
  • Гино-певарил, Ифенек – действующее вещество
  • Гино-травоген, Овулум –изоконазол.
  • Gyno-daktarin, Klion-D 100, Ginesol 7,
    – действующее вещество
  • Ломексин — фентиконазол.
  • Макмирор комплекс — нистатин+ нифурател
  • Пимафуцин, Примафунгин,
    – действующее вещество натамицин.
  • Нистатин, Полижинакс, Тержинан – действующее
    substance nystatin.
  • Livarol, Ketoconazole, Mycozoral, Oronazole, Nizoral,
    Бризорал, Веторозал
    – действующее вещество

Более подробно о преимуществах и недостатках of application местных
drugs, read our article – Overview of 10 effective candles from

Противогрибковые препараты для системного of application

  • Флуконазол – аналоги Флюкостат, Микосист, Дифлюкан,
    Mikomaks, Diflazon, Tsiskan, Mikoflukan, Enalapril
  • Пимафуцин в таблетках
  • Нистатин в таблетках
  • Итраконазол  — аналоги Итразол, Ирунин, Кандитрал,
    Rumikoz, Orunit, Orungal
  • Кетоконазол, аналоги Микозорал, Ороназол, Низорал,
  • Tinidazole tablets.

When taking antifungal drugs in pills can
various side effects occur, most often from the side
digestive system, it is nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea,
abnormal liver function, flatulence, taste change. From the side
the nervous system also has undesirable side effects,
such as headache, cramps, dizziness, and
various allergic reactions. Especially serious and frequent
side effects have drugs with the active substance

Therefore, the use of oral antifungal drugs in
gynecology should be prescribed only in severe development
candidiasis, its chronic course, when local treatment
becomes inadequate. Most of these medicines
should not be used by pregnant women during lactation, with
hepatic and renal failure, with hypersensitivity and

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